Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Has it really been a year?

Back Story: I have a chronic issue with my left knee that requires ongoing treatment.  I could go into more detail, but essentially it's arthritis which is something I simply need to manage, there isn't a 'cure'.  The current treatment of choice is a series of three Euflexxa injections.  I've been getting them about every 10 months or so. Looking back just over the past few years, these are the time frames when I've had treatment:
  • November 2012
  • Jan 2012
  • March 2011
Typically, my knee starts bothering me a few months before I actually go one. I notice it first when running, but soon it is problematic even walking.  For example, I was having knee problems while running last August, while walking in September, and finally got treatment in early November.  

The 3 weeks treatment isn't all that fun, although it works, and afterwards I'm on restricted movement for about 6 weeks.  It ends up being at least 2 months rest/recovery each time I go through this.

Fast forward to earlier this year: After much research in addition to consulting with a new doctor, I decided to try make some other changes (already was taking glucosomine/condroiton) in an attempt to extend the time frame between treatment. Those things include:
  • supplement with type ii collagen
  • supplement with calcium fructoborate
  • supplement with systemic enzymes
  • avoid long runs (make 4 miles the "average" run, and never go over 8 miles)
  • avoid running on hard surfaces
  • avoid hills (walking and running)
  • embrace cycling
  • embrace walking
Taking supplements was an easy thing to embrace, but some of the behavioral things were much more difficult for me. However, something is working. I'm essentially a full year from my last treatment and I'm not having any knee issues. This is a huge improvement over what I've experienced in the past several years.  So I'm much more amenable to continuing this course of action.  Being pain-free is a good thing.

At this point, I feel like I'm experiencing bonus days for the year.  I'm considering scheduling treatment over the holidays just as a proactive measure, but haven't fully decided on whether to do that or not.  There is a part of me that wants to see just how long I can go without it.

Anyone else reading this who's dealing with a chronic issue or injury?  Have you had success managing it?  Any other suggestions for what I might try?


  1. Wow it's been a year already? Good job staying with the treatment plan.

  2. I have had my 5 knee surgeries on the R one...I don't take any supplements that help it really. I did in the past and didn't see any benefit. Maybe I should do more research on this!

  3. as you know I am working on my own recovery/injuries so I have no advice for you - just wanted to say how pleased I am for you that your knee is going so well. PS that ride looked like such fun (except for the thorns)!

  4. That's so encouraging you're doing so well for so long! Obviously you are doing something right!

  5. That is really good to hear. I hope you remain pain free. I'm happy to say I have no chronic anything.

  6. Interesting post. You are finding good solutions.
    After my fractures and because of all the years running, I have problems on my left knee. More than one years ago I needed injections. The things go better. Now the experience said:
    - no more downhill;
    - no more long distance runs and speed works;
    - more strenghtening exercises for the leg;
    - no more 2 workouts in a row; max one every other day.