Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday morning thoughts

  • During the first week of October, I did pretty well with my cycling goals, but missed on running.
  • The second week was the reverse, did well on my running goals, but missed on cycling.
  • Third week's a charm? 
  • I'm doing well with the 10K steps challenge, my overall average last week was 12.7K.  Yay!
  • My weight is right where I want it to be. Wonder if this is the year that I am able to maintain it through the upcoming holiday season?
  • I'm getting the urge to do yoga again.  Haven't actually done it, just thinking about it.
  • They say a picture's worth a thousand words.  In that case, here's five thousand words worth:
One groggy doggy - poor guy has a spinal/back injury and the meds are making him sleepy
My other dog hates hot air balloons.  His anxiety is very high during  Balloon Fiesta. See why?
Self portrait post my one and only ride this week (20miles)
Another beautiful New Mexico sunrise.  I just love it when my day starts out like this.
Close encounters with Yellow Jacket balloon. 


  1. Love all the hot air balloons -looks so much fun!!!

  2. I bet third week will be the charm! I wish I could say my weight is where I want it to be. I'm sorry to hear the pooch doesn't like the balloons. The photo of the festival is stunning!

  3. My weight is not where I want it. I better get that right soon. The balloons are always beautiful but I can understand that a dog can get anxious with them around. I love my sunrise runs every morning!