Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ride Report - More Pictures than Words

Pretty much all of the artwork involved with this event was pretty cool.  I liked the t-shirt, jersey, and even the event bib:

The Event t-shirt
The Optional Jersey
Participants Bib
I tried to get a photo of Husband & I at the start which didn't turn out well due to the position of the sun. My photo of other participants getting ready to start turned out okay though.

Photo bombed by the rising sun
Just about go time for the half-century and metric century.
He has the worst luck with flats.  We didn't even make it 10 miles before he needed to fix a rear flat.  I included a photo of my car tires just so you can see how bad the goat head thorns are this time of year.

Already stopped to fix a rear flat.  Stupid goat heads
For reference, my car tire loaded with goat heads.  These things are nasty on bike tires.
We ended up turning early, and completed 45.3 of the planned 64 miles.  I just wasn't ready for the full course this morning and didn't want to turn this into the "day of the dread."  It's all good.  I finished happy, still enjoying my bike.
At our final rest stop, happy about decision to turn early.  Also sporting snazzy new event jersey.
Racked at the finish
Will probably try for the same distance next year. Just need to start training for it in earnest a few weeks earlier.

[edited to add: We didn't participate in this event last year due to the recurring problem I have with my left knee.  I feel compelled to mention that so far this year, my knee is doing okay.  I expected to need to get treatment again at about this time, so I'm very grateful to be able to be doing stuff like this.  It kind of feels like I'm getting bonus pain-free days this year.  I certainly appreciate it!] 


  1. Nice job and the art work is great. Love that jersey. THose goat head thorns are nasty.

  2. Great ride, well done! Lovely artwork indeed!

  3. Hooray for pain-free days, participating in events like this and excellent artwork for race swag!

  4. Wow, those goat heads look scary! I'm sure there were many flat tires. I'm glad to hear you had a good time and enjoyed the ride. That's all what matters!