Friday, October 4, 2013

Making Progress

Short update on progress since my last post:

  • I did run on Wednesday as planned.  It was a solo run and only 2 miles, but that's good enough for me to count it as a run
  • I also got in a bike ride Thursday after work, 14.0 miles with a friend.  
  • Today should have been another run, but it's blustery (20mph winds), so I've decided to postpone until tomorrow.  I don't feel like being sandblasted.
  • Not sure when I will get my 25 mile bike ride done this weekend, but I have a route planned out to make it happen. 
  • And I continue to wear the pedometer...
Overall, I feel like I'm on the right track.


  1. Cool! that is some forward motion happening there. So the bike rolls on....

  2. Yes, you are on the right track.
    Good luck for a great october.
    Have a good week end.

  3. it all sounds really good! Yay for forward!