Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tap, tap, tap... Is this thing still on?

A lot has happened since we last saw our superhero; I'm no longer working and therefore have much more free time. As a result, my interests and pasttimes have expanded.

On the fitness front, I am still cycling, have recently returned to yoga, but have also developed an interest in indoor climbing at the gym.

We are fairly new owners of a used Itasca Navion and therefore have been experiencing fun adventures as novice RV owners.

I've found more time to work on my artistic/creative side and have been exploring different creative outlets.

And we've been spending a bit of time updating the house through some DIY projects

I'm thinking about returning to the blogosphere, possibly with a few different blogs differentiated by subject matter.  Not sure what platform might be best or what subjects might be most interesting.

Please do me a favor of you've stumbled upon this post and let me know what might be most interesting: fitness adventures, RV adventures, artistic adventures,  DIY home improvement adventures, some combination, or none of the above.

Thank you!