Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So ends the month

I'm not even going to bother with taking a tally of Feb workout stats because I already know it was a wasted month. And in wasted month style, it ended with a bang. It was way too windy for me to walk/jog or whatever with my dog after work, I was too tired to get up early, and I just plain don't feel like doing weight/core work right now so you know what that leads to in my training log for today...

However, tomorrow we start a new month! New beginnings are always good.

I hereby declare my intention to ensure that my March training will be on par or better than January.

Changing topics slightly, I need to thank Lia for mentioning that she has seen several folks running with dogs on a hands free system. That led to me doing a little internet 'research' and ordering something that will probably work for me. I expect it to be here next week when I get back from my business trip.

I'm actually pretty excited about the prospect of running with Bandit. We've three dogs in the past who for several reasons would never have made good running companions. But Bandit has the enthusiasm, athletic ability, and good health to be a great training partner. He's probably better than a human in this regard because he doesn't care what time of day I decide to head out - early morning, lunch, evening, whatever. Plus, he doesn't care what pace I choose. He just wants to be at my side and join in the fun.

If only I could teach him to swim and bike and maybe lift weights...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Intervals with Dog

Maybe I should have waited a few more hours before my last post. I came home from work and it was LOVELY outside and I'm feeling so much better (just not 100%) so I took the dog for a walk/jog. I'm logging this one as "Intervals with Dog - 31 min, 2mi" Looking at my Garmin, the 'jogs' were at about an 8:50 min/mi pace. Normally, I try to do my intervals at an 8min/mil pace, but I'm happy with 8:50min/mi given I really didn't intend to do intervals, I just wanted to take him for a walk and jog a bit as I felt comfortable. We also stopped so he could pee on a few bushes, but I digress...

I'll need a different solution if I want to continue trying to run with Bandit. The leather leash isn't working well for that. I'll need something that attaches to my body and is mostly hands-free. I also need to get him to stop chasing bunnies...

Good/Bad/Ugly cont.

Where to begin? I guess I'll start off where I left off last time.

The Good gets Better

Bandit is officially ours now. This weekend I decided to crack down and get serious with obedience training. We're currently working on Sit, Down, and Stay. I'm pleased with his progress.

The Bad continues to haunt me

I was feeling even worse on Thursday than I had been earlier in the week and finally succumbed to another visit to Urgent Care. They verified that I do in fact have a sinus infection. A few days of antibiotics and I'm already feeling better, except that I am extremely tired. This translates to sleeping in and continuing to miss workouts. It's gotten to the point where I decided to log 'walked the dog - 2.3 miles - 47 min' as exercise. How sad is that?

I'm concerned that all the effort I put in from Nov-Jan has effectively been thrown out the window. However, I'm hoping that at least the base training will 'stick'. Hopefully I'll be back on track this weekend. Next week I'm traveling on business again and I've made arrangements to meet a coworker at the hotel gym in the mornings. That will keep me accountable!

The Ugly isn't so Ugly anymore!

One blessing from being sick was that I hardly noticed the caffeine withdrawl headache on top of the other aches/pains and general malaise from the sinus infection. 7 days down...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

Remember several weeks ago when I mentioned we were trying out a dog? Well it is going on about 4 weeks now and he's doing a lot better with the cats. We will finallize the adoption on Sunday. We have named him Bandit. It seems fitting as he is quite the kitchen thief at dinner time if we don't keep an eye on him. Yeah, I know he looks very innocent here; looks can be deceiving! Actually, he's a great dog. We're glad to have him join our family.

The Bad

Remember a few days ago when I was running again and life was good? Well, I got three days in a row with training instances and then things took a turn for the worse. I am convinced that I now have a full blown sinus infection. The whole left side of my face hurts, I can't breathe out of my left nostril, and my previously cleared lungs are getting refilled with gunk. I'm so sick of being sick!!! I decided that I will go to Urgent care within 24 hrs if this doesn't get better or gets worse. Maybe a round of antibiotics will clear it up?

I really need to completely recover from whatever has invaded my body so I can move on with my life. Sigh. From a training and fitness perspective, this is pretty discouraging.

The Ugly

I decided to give up coffee for lent. Lent started today. 'nuff said.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happiness is...running again

Yesterday I ran for the first time in almost two weeks. It was a very short run and I was slow, but I was happy.

Today I ran again. It was awesome. My Garmin had been off the charger, so I was running 'blind'. I think I went about 5miles and ran for about an hour.

It is awesome to be well enough to run again. Life is good. :)

Friday, February 16, 2007


First off, thank you all so very very very much for the b'day wishes. What a blessing.

I didn't have access to email, but I checked online occasionally this week and read your comments. Then I got home and they are all there in email. It really meant a lot.

Now let's get to the issue at hand. What on earth am I doing awake, much less posting at this time of night?!?! Am I not queen of the early morning, who's chariot turns to a pumpkin at about 9pm each evening?

Funny you should ask...

Well. I was traveling on business this week and the whole time I was in California, my left ear hurt like crazy and I couldn't hear out of that side. I'm the victim of cold virus gone bronchitis gone ear ache. Yesterday, I signed my life away to get some sudafed look-alike thinking this would help clear up the congestion that must be causing the ear problem somehow. It says "non-drowsy formula". Apparently it would be more appropriate in my case to be labeled "anxiety formula"

I am finally back home, but I.can.not.sleep. Not only can I not sleep, my mind won't stop and all I seem to be dwelling on is the negative (which is so not like me). In my current state of sudafed-enhanced-anxiety, I could easly create a list upon list of 42 reasons why I shouldn't do just about anything.

Updated: In all fairness, the warning label does say that SOME PEOPLE might experience side effects including: Difficulty sleeping (insomnia), Restlessness, & Anxiety. I guess I am officially SOME PEOPLE.

And for the record, my ear didn't stop hurting until I got back home. I think being back at the same altitude (5000-ish feet) made it happy. The air pressure outside is back to matching what the inside of my ear wanted.

I guess it is all good.

Except for the fact that I still can't sleep...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Forty two

Yep, another year older.

I wanted to do something cool like ride 42 miles, but it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen when I got sick, so I'm posting 42 things about me instead.

Oh, and I’m on my way to the airport for a business trip. Not my first choice on how to celebrate a birthday, but I figure resting and recovering on the plane beats a day in the office.

Here's the list:

1) Since the year 2000, I’ve had opportunity to travel to France, Ireland, China, India, Australia, and New Zealand
2) I got really sick after visiting India. For a year I was in pain. The bacterial infection I picked up in India triggered an autoimmune disorder with a myriad of symptoms. I struggled with daily activities during this time.
3) It’s in remission now! A renewed appreciation of my health is what inspired me to TRI
4) I started running in August 2005
5) I often pray (praise and thanksgiving) when I’m running
6) I learned to swim in December 2005 - I was excited when I swam all the way across the pool for the first time.
7) I bought a road bike in February 2006
8) I completed my first Sprint Triathlon in August 2006
9) I’m hooked. This year I have Olympic distance in my plans
10) I’m not very fast
11) I’m okay with that; I finish with a smile anyway.
12) When I’m *really* frustrated, I say things like “Golly Neds!”, “Good Golly!”, or “Oh Flip!”
13) Several years ago, I tried to drive my car, with mountain bikes mounted on the roof rack, into my garage
14) Couldn’t figure out what kept the car from entering, backed up and tried again – then realized what I had just done
15) I think I might have said all three phrases that day
16) Don’t take it personally if I don’t recognize you if you wave while I’m out running or cycling
17) I wear glasses…but not during sports
18) I don’t have depth perception
19) I’m afraid of heights
20) I had a rollover car accident when I was in college (it wasn’t my fault, though)
21) I don’t like to drive
22) I don't wear make-up
23) I’ve broken the pinky finger on my left hand 3 times
24) I’m left handed
25) I’ve been married for 17yrs to a wonderful man and my best friend.
26) Before meeting him, I melted two tea-kettles by forgetting about them on the stove
27) He taught me how to cook and use the kitchen timer. And now I have a tea-kettle that whistles when the water is boiling so I don’t forget about it for too long.
28) We went skiing on our honeymoon
29) I discovered that I don’t particularly like skiing
30) We have two teenagers
31) I discovered that I don’t particularly like teenagers…just kidding…but they sure know how to turn daily life into an endurance sport
32) I worked part-time for 7 years when they were little
33) I decided to take up piano lessons in 2002 with my daughter
34) She plays much better than I do
35) I’m allergic to tree nuts…and tetracycline…and have large localized reactions to bee stings
36) I have a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in microelectronics.
37) For the past ten years my job hasn’t required the use of either
38) I don’t drink soda
39) I drink waaayyy too much coffee
40) I quilt for charity (Project Linus) in my ‘free time’
41) I truly feel incredibly blessed and thankful for all the good things in my life
42) Today I turn 42 and its gonna' be a great year!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Want some cheese with that?

Get some cheese, I've got plenty of whine.

Today is the Sweetheart Run and as it turns out I am DNS, and not very happy about it.

I actually set the alarm, got up, made coffee, and started getting my running clothes out. Husband sat up in bed and asked "What on earth do you think you are doing?!?!"

I responded "Getting ready. I want to go for it."

"That is a very bad idea," was his response. Then he proceeded to lecture me on various points including the fact that I woke up coughing again in the middle of the night. And reminded me that I only managed to get up and move around the house slowly for about 8 hours yesterday before becoming exhausted and heading back to bed. And how nothing good will come from running this race while having bronchitis. And it's just a little local 5K that we were doing for fun, nothing important in my race calendar, and it should really be no big deal if we miss it. And will I please slow down take care of myself for one more day so that I can get healthy.

"Okay, fine, I get it. Go back to sleep, I'll just sit here and sulk."

For some reason I have always had a hard time with missed opportunity. But I guess he's right. And if it were anybody else, I would tell them the same thing.

Now, would you pass me the cheese? And my inhaler? And the cough medicine? Thanks.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday Follies

I was tagged in the nicest way by Sharon and I will get to that in just a moment.

I have nothing to report on the training front - I am still sick. Husband insisted on taking me to urgent care this morning. I woke up coughing at 2:30am, my chest was burning, and it felt like someone was standing on me. They nebulized me so I could breath better and sent me off with three different prescriptions. Just woke up from a great nap. Not sure if I slept so well because one of the meds made me stop coughing or if it was related to the "Caution: Do not operate heavy equipment" warning. Either way, I'm glad to have gotten some much needed sleep! I sure hope to be on the mend soon. Until then, at least I have a good reason to be lazy. :)

Anyway, back to the tag:

A — Available or Married? Happily Married to a wonderful man. :)
B — Best Friend? See above.
C — Childhood memory: Sitting on my grandpa's lap :)
D — Drink of Choice? dark coffee with half-n-half in the morning, water or iced tea (no sweetener) in the afternoon.
E — Essential Item? Sadly, it is probably the coffee with half-n-half in the morning. I just cannot start my day without it. This can be a problem when travelling. I've been known to bring a plunger pot, my own coffee, and half-n-half (or make a trip to the store upon arrival somewhere if carrying half-n-half isn't feasible)
F — Favorite Color? I love rich browns, but I'm actually quite fond of all warm colors
G — Gummi Bears or Worms? I really don't care for either.
H — Hometown? Toledo, OH
I — Indulgence? I've gotten pretty fond of clif honey peanut mojo bars and peppermint stick luna bars and eat one or the other almost daily as a snack. I also recently discovered dark chocolate MnMs; it's best if I just stay away from those all together.
J — January or February? February
K — Kids and Names? Stefan (15) & Marie (13)
L — Last Lipid profile results? Cholesterol - 186, triglycerides - 75, HDL - 74
M — Marriage Date? March 18, 1989
N — Number of Siblings? 1 older sister, Sue
O — Oranges or Apples? McIntosh Apples!! I love them. Why were they so hard to find this year?!?!?!
P — Phobias/Fears? I'm terribly afraid of heights. I also don't like driving in traffic.
Q — Favorite Quote? "I can to all things through Christ who strengthens me"
R — Reason to Smile? I have been so incredibly blessed, there no good reason NOT to smile.
S — Season? Fall
T — Tag 3 People! Sorry, I'm too sick to figure out who hasn't done this already so I am going to pass on tagging this time around.
U — Unknown Fact About Me: I have a hummingbird tattoo on my left shoulder
V — Vice? Red wine.
W — Worst Habit? I tend to leave my dirty gym clothes all over the house as I start taking things off when I get home - if anyone else in the family did that, it would drive me nuts.
X — X-terra or regular tri? Regular Tri for sure
Y — Your favorite food? Sea bass is mighty tasty as a main course, but hard to find here in the desert. Green Chile Papas (potatoes) is pretty tasty for any meal.
Z — Zodiac? Aquarius

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Present

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
Today is a Gift
That's why its called the Present

Today it is absolutely beautiful outside. Sunny and 62 Deg. Nicest day we've had for months. I would love to be outside running or cycling, but instead I'm stuck inside with a cold virus. It doesn't seem fair, but I'm not going to complain (Really!).

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to a funeral for the husband of a co-worker. He was only 44 years old.

Makes you think, huh?

My advice to myself and whoever is reading this - Go hug someone you love. Take time to thank the One who gave you the Present in the first place. Stop complaining about what you don't have or can't do and enjoy what you do have and can do. And examine your heart to make sure you're ready for the day when your time on earth is History...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Miserable Monday Morning

Woke up today with a headache, sore throat, etc. I feel yucky. It is hard to maintain a positive attitude while feeling cruddy. Sorry in advance for the whining that is about to occur...

Saturday I got in a 1.5hr bike ride. It was windy. Just for once, I would like to go out on a ride and come back feeling good about how I did. Maybe next weekend will be better.

Sunday I went out on a 50min zone 2 run (actually jog is more appropriate). Seemed short, but this was supposed to be a recovery week, so I guess I did what I was supposed to do. Husband ran with me. More appropriately, he left when I did, passed me,took off into the distance, then caught up again when I was about 100M from home. Oh well.

I'm really hoping that I can keep up with him next Sunday for at least half the 5K. A lot will depend on how I'm doing with this cold virus that is trying to take over my body. This morning I attempted spinervals with said cold virus. It was pretty sad. Cold virus:1, me: 0.

In other news...apparently my teenage son made a bet with a friend over the superbowl game and now needs to have a horseshoe shaved into his hair. Normally, I really wouldn't care about this one bit. He's a teen and the least of my worries is how his hair looks. However, I just took time out of my busy schedule on Thursday to pick him up from school and take him for a haircut (and I paid for it) because he was bugging me to get his hair cut. Is he trying to make me crazy?

Friday, February 2, 2007


I was tagged by the soon-to-be UlTrA CrAzY Bubba

1) Describe a memory from your first triathlon ever.

“Holy Smokes! Who replaced my legs with jelly?!?!”

We’ll pretend that the mini-tri brick at the newbie clinic last July counts so that I don’t spend the whole post talking about a single event. The little mini-tri sounded pretty easy. The point was for us to practice transitions and get a feel for how the real event would play out a few weeks later. But alas! The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Hence the benefit of training bricks. Who knew?!?!?

2) Describe a memory from your most recent triathlon.

"Oh.My.Gosh. I'm actually doing it!!"

My first and only real event was the Socorro Chile Harvest Sprint Triathlon last August. I was elated when I came out of the swim. At that moment I had conquered what could have easily been the deal-breaker. I had only learned how to swim a few months earlier.

3) What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a tri?

I was in such a happy place coming out of the swim that I failed to use common sense while running barefoot on wet pavement around a corner into T1. Down I went. Hard. Breaking the fall with the left side of my body. And my face. I split my chin open, scraped up my hip, arm, chest, and got a few nice bruises. Not sure what hurt worse, my pride or the injuries. I would have liked to go hide under a rock at that point, but that would have prevented me from finishing the race, so I got up and just kept going. I was glad to find out that I didn't need stitches when I finally got medical attention after the race.

4) What's the most thrilling thing that's happened to you in a tri?

I crossed the finish line!! I can hardly believe I did it. I want to do it again. and again. and again.

The very talented
Jenny made me an awesome pillow from my race t-shirt (and for a good cause - read about it on her site).

5) What is something you discovered about yourself by doing triathlons?

I learned that I am incredibly blessed. I have good health, a wonderful husband, awesome teenaged kids, a beautiful location, etc. God has shown me a way to enjoy life in this body and get across the finish line with a smile on my face no matter how long it takes.

6) What is The Big Goal that you're working towards?

I’m hoping to complete an Olympic-distance Triathlon this year; maybe half-Iron in '08. But above all, I want to carry out my life in a way that gives glory to God.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

And so begins a new month...

First off, thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I might have asked the stupidest question ever. Why would I not follow my heart, whether that leads me to a 5K or a 10K or something else? If it isn't fun, there is really no point doing it! Anyway, I think we'll sign up for the 5K for this particular run. Sometime in the near future, I'll do my 10K. It's all good.

Now for record keeping. January was my first month to keep halfway decent training records. It is all scribbled in my handy-dandy notebook, so I had to go back and do the calculations by hand. Here is what I've come up and my thoughts about each category:

My January Totals

Indoor Cycling = 7.25 hrs
Outdoor Cycling = 3.5 hrs, 45miles

Thoughts - Indoor cycling isn't fun. I would prefer more outdoor time and less indoor spinning, but I'm proud of myself for getting on the trainer rather than sitting on the couch complaining about the road conditions during the icy/snowy start to this month.

Swimming = 2000M

Thoughts - UGGGHH. I am not a happy camper about this! I would have done a LOT more swimming if the stupid pool hadn't been down all month.

Indoor running = 0
Outdoor running = 9.5 hrs 46.2 miles

Thoughts - Yay for me for running outside in the cold and snowy weather! This is about the mileage that CrAzY RunBubbaRun (who will do a FREEZING COLD 50K this weekend) does in a single week, but it was probably my highest volume running month ever! I'm happy with this.

Core/Strength = 1340 reps

Thoughts - I have a hard time getting motivated to do these types of workouts and should have done more. However, this is once again probably my hightest volume month. I hope to see this trend up rather than down over time.

All-in-all, I am pleased with myself except for the swimming (which really wasn't my fault).

However, I'm off to a bad start for February. I spent my training time adding up last month's accomplishments and may end up recording a big GOOSE EGG for today. D'oh!! Live and learn!!