Sunday, October 29, 2006

ACK!!! I cannot find my bathing suit bottoms. I have looked all over the house. They aren't in my gym bag, in my 'other bag' of somewhat dirty but still okay to wear gym clothes, hanging in the bathroom to dry, in my gym clothes drawer, in the laundry basket, on the closet floor, in any other drawer... THEY HAVE DISAPPEARRED!!!

This is why we shouldn't put all our eggs in one basket. This is why I usually buy things in twos and threes when I like them. This is my only pair of bathing suit bottoms. I like to swim in an athletic top of somesort and this pair of bottoms. I find this much more comfortable than a traditional swimsuit. And it is hard to find bottoms that fit, so finding a replacement that I like isn't going to be an easy task.

Before you gasp in horror at the thought of me swimming bottomless, let me assure you that I have other options...aka tri shorts, but I'm really getting tired of being "that woman who swims in long shorts."


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aye Carumba! My injury has me benched (from running) for two weeks if I follow the advice of the individual's who's advice I sought out. TWO WEEKS!!! Mind you, if someone told me "you need to refrain from cycling for two weeks" I'd answer "okay!" because i'm really good at NOT riding my bike. But to tell me not to run??? That's like asking me not to breathe.

I am happy that I have some stretching and strengthening exercises now to help prevent this in the future, but I'm definatly not happy about hte thought of not running for two whole weeks. :(

Saturday, October 21, 2006

This morning I intended to go out on a 2 hour moderate ride and get home in plenty of time to make food for son who has a full day marching competition. Got up and out the door at about 7:15am. What do I hear? Flap..flap..flap... Drat! A flat. Not just a flat, A REAR flat. UGGGH. I was definately not a happy camper.

On the positive side, the flat presented itself early enought that I could walk the bike home and deal with it in the comfort of my warm home rather than out in the cold on the side of the road. Also, while it did take a full hour before I was back on the road, I *did* get back on the road and still had time for a 1.5 hr ride. And son got fed and was delivered to the band room on time. And I have built up just a little more confidence in my flat fixing capability. However, I'm starting to think those slime lined tubes may not be such a bad idea...

Side note, as you probably know, today is the Ford Ironman World Championship race in Kona. I have a friend in the race this year! I just checked on him, and no data yet, so I assume that means he's still in the water as I type... I hope the day goes well for him.

UPDATE: Friend finished in 10:32:35. I bet he's happy. Hope he and his wife enjoy the rest of their week in Hawaii too. :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

This is so frustrating!!! I'm having pain again and need to figure out what is wrong and what to do about it. As near as I can tell it is one of the adductor muscles (not sure which one).

Yesterday I tried heading out for a run before dinner. Got about 150M out and bailed. I realized that I was sort of run-limping and that just can't be good. Walked home with a frown on my face, put some bike shorts on, and went for a short bike ride. Whatever is wrong, it doesn't hurt on the bike or in the pool.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ix-Nay the Alf-Marathon-Hay.

Too many reasons not to do it. Luckily, got some sense knocked into me before I went off and did something stupid and hurt myself.

On a more positive note, working on swimming this week. In particular, bilateral breathing and completing the pull. I love swimming. Too bad I didn't how to do it earlier in life.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ramblings from my 'long' run this morning. My long run was something like 8.3 miles, not really all that long, but long for me. Anyway, at the turn point, I was feeling pretty good and started entertaining the thought of signing up for the Duke City Half-marathon next Sunday. Half way back home, I was still feeling pretty good and started mulling over whether or not I could actually complete a half marathon next weekend. My legs don't always do what I ask from them. For example, when I had about a mile left to go, I decided to pick up the pace, but my legs acted like they hadn't even heard the request.

"One, two, three...let's GO!" Nothing.

"Let's try, two, three...let's GO!!" Again, nothing.

"Okay, well just don't stop then." And I continued on at the same slow pace.

I haven't trained for it, but I think I could run the distance as long as I kept to a very slow pace. I won't make a decision until Tuesday (last day for 'early' sign up) and i still would need to pick up the packet on Saturday because i'm way past the point where they would mail them.

I probably need someone to knock some sense into me. I have never run farther than the distance I ran this morning which is still a good 5 miles short of a half marathon. And I am slow. I would have to avoid walking at all costs because if I stopped to walk, I probably would not be able to get my legs to start 'running' again.

If nothing else, it is something to think about...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekends are NOT my friend. I always have high expectations for weekends, but weekends usually let me down. Today started off being no exception.

Plan A) go for a run in the morning before taking daughter to the mall (at 10am), making batch #2 of applesauce, dropping off son for afternoon football game (he's in the band), watching band at football game, etc

However, I woke up late. And we were out of milk, so I needed to make a trip to the store. Before I knew it, I had apples half ready and a daughter anxious to go and a son who needed to be at the school pretty darn soon.

Plan B) Run after game and before dinner. Kinda just like it is a weekday and you're rushed to try to get a run in before family complains about wanting dinner...

I managed to sneak out while husband was off picking up son. Not as long of a run as I wanted. Not as fun either, it felt rushed. And while running, I thought about running farther and/or biking...and dinner.

Tomorrow morning I hope to get a nice long run while the family sleeps that gets me home in plenty of time to get ready for church, etc. And another 12.4 mile bike ride in teh afternoon would rock. But it's the weekend, and my plans usually dont' work out the way I intended....

Friday, October 13, 2006

Apologizing in advance...several random thoughts are about to burst out:

1) Another day, another bike ride. Same (mostly flat) course - 12.4 miles in 46:49min for an average speed of 15.89mph. I'm going to try to get this up to 16.5mph even if it is just a little increase at a time. I would also like to find time to go for longer rides. Today just isn't one of those days.

2) This morning I went for a short swim, 800M. Felt good, but I still feel like an imposter in the water (someone who looks like they know what they are doing, but really doesn't)

3) Made a test batch of applesauce. It wasn't too hard to do, but I think I should use the medium instead of fine grate. Daughter says it is not as good as Grandma's. I'm blaming it on the apples. If nothing else, the kitchen smells good now. :)

4) Bought some honey roasted peanut MoJo bars the other day on a whim. Yummy! I need to stock the cabinet with these as a somewhat healthy snack alternative.

5) Got new goggles (same as what i had, just new) today, my old ones were getting GROSS. Also got barbell with 100lbs of weights for son and therapy ball for husband. I walked out spending *way* less than i expected because of items on sale. YAY!! Big smile.


1) I really like my new tires. Not sure if it is the tires themselves or just my confidence in having new tires, but I really like them.

2) I need to find McIntosh apples. I think that is what I need for some killer applesauce.

3) Sales are wonderful. I'm a genius for that one, huh?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last night I brought my bike in the house and set forth to install my new tires. Told husband not to help me, give me advice, or even look at me while I was doing this; I really wanted to do it on my own. I was all proud of myself after taking care of the front tire. That wasn't *too* bad. Then I had to deal with the rear tire. Let me just say, I am surprised there is ANY grease left on my seemed to ALL end up on me!!

I was happy with myelf in the end, but I sure wouldn't want to flat the rear tire out riding and have to fix it on the side of the road.

Today I took my bike for a spin. Had to stop to adjust the front tire, wasn't lined up quite right. I went 12.4 miles in 47:30 --- 15.73mph. Still slow, but faster at what I perceive to have been less effort. New tires = Good.

Oh, and my applesauce making gadget arrived today. *clap*

Monday, October 9, 2006

I went swimming today - it should have been a day off, but then again, yesterday should have been a long run and i'm stayed of my injured leg like a good girl.

Let's talk about what is really on my mind - applesauce. My in-laws were here for the weekend and brought homemade applesauce. OH-MY-GOODNESS!!! Have you tried this stuff? It is wonderful. I love it. Must learn to make it.

So now I have this foodmill gadget on its way to me.

Apparently, all i do is cut up a gazillion apples, boil them, spend hours grinding them to a pulp in this tool, toss out the stems/seeds/peel that collects in the bottom, pour in freezable tubs, voila! yummy homemade applesauce (no sugar added).

I can't wait. Not sure what will be more amusing to watch - me making applesauce or me putting new tires on my bike. STAY TUNED!!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

I'm still sore, but not limping around anymore, so yesterday I went swimming and for a 14 mile bike ride. Neither hurt my pulled/sprained muscle. YAY! I don't think it would be a good idea to run today, maybe I'll head out on the bike again.

I've been seriously contemplating getting some coaching. I have a hard time trying to put everything together and know that with some good coaching I could do better.

I also went ahead and ordered some new tires. I expect them to arrive at the end of this week. It will be amusing (to say the least) when I try to get the old tires off and new tires on.

Happy Saturday!!

Monday, October 2, 2006

Okay, this really stinks. I couldn't get a Dr appt today to get some advice on my injury from yesterday and I'm still hobbling around. I attempted a visit to urgent care only to discover way more people waiting then seats. So I left and came home. I'll just try to manage this myself unless it doesn't get any better in the next few days.

Meanwhile, I've been reading lots of triathlon blogs while sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself. I wish I had gone all out my first triathlon season and planned for more than just one event. It seemed so impossible when I started, but I see now that it was more than possible. Missed opportunity...story of my life!

Note to self: Once I get this injury on the mend, I simply must work a lot more on my weakest area - cycling. I also must choose at LEAST 3 multisport events to compete in next year.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Today I am running in a new 5K event, Corrida de Corrales Fun Run. I think by the name Fun Run that there will be no timing chip, in which case, I guess it won't get to count this as a race.

Which reminds me, I ran my first 'fun run' 5K about this time last year. It wasn't chip timed, so I didn't count *that* as a race either. I think it took me something like 35-36min. It was a very small local event and I was concerned that I would finish last and feel like a fool. My husband ran with me and finished just behind me so that I wouldn't be last. There was only one other runner behind me. Guess what? Even though I was almost dead last, I felt like the biggest WINNER when I crossed the finish line. I had never run farther than 2miles up to that point, and I had just completed a 5K run! I love that feeling of being a winner and strive to remind myself that it is really just "me against the course." Here is how I felt that day:

I'm looking at a 10K at the end of the month which will yet another first for me. If I do it, I will have had my first chip-timed 5K, first Sprint Triathlon, and first 10K all this past year. I think I deserve feeling like a WINNER!!

Update: I finished today in 30:02. bleh! This race went out onto a dirt path on the ditch bank and somewhere during mile 2, I took a bad step and now i'm limping. From what I can tell I pulled/strained a groin muscle on the right side. :(