Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ramblings from my 'long' run this morning. My long run was something like 8.3 miles, not really all that long, but long for me. Anyway, at the turn point, I was feeling pretty good and started entertaining the thought of signing up for the Duke City Half-marathon next Sunday. Half way back home, I was still feeling pretty good and started mulling over whether or not I could actually complete a half marathon next weekend. My legs don't always do what I ask from them. For example, when I had about a mile left to go, I decided to pick up the pace, but my legs acted like they hadn't even heard the request.

"One, two, three...let's GO!" Nothing.

"Let's try, two, three...let's GO!!" Again, nothing.

"Okay, well just don't stop then." And I continued on at the same slow pace.

I haven't trained for it, but I think I could run the distance as long as I kept to a very slow pace. I won't make a decision until Tuesday (last day for 'early' sign up) and i still would need to pick up the packet on Saturday because i'm way past the point where they would mail them.

I probably need someone to knock some sense into me. I have never run farther than the distance I ran this morning which is still a good 5 miles short of a half marathon. And I am slow. I would have to avoid walking at all costs because if I stopped to walk, I probably would not be able to get my legs to start 'running' again.

If nothing else, it is something to think about...

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