Friday, October 13, 2006

Apologizing in advance...several random thoughts are about to burst out:

1) Another day, another bike ride. Same (mostly flat) course - 12.4 miles in 46:49min for an average speed of 15.89mph. I'm going to try to get this up to 16.5mph even if it is just a little increase at a time. I would also like to find time to go for longer rides. Today just isn't one of those days.

2) This morning I went for a short swim, 800M. Felt good, but I still feel like an imposter in the water (someone who looks like they know what they are doing, but really doesn't)

3) Made a test batch of applesauce. It wasn't too hard to do, but I think I should use the medium instead of fine grate. Daughter says it is not as good as Grandma's. I'm blaming it on the apples. If nothing else, the kitchen smells good now. :)

4) Bought some honey roasted peanut MoJo bars the other day on a whim. Yummy! I need to stock the cabinet with these as a somewhat healthy snack alternative.

5) Got new goggles (same as what i had, just new) today, my old ones were getting GROSS. Also got barbell with 100lbs of weights for son and therapy ball for husband. I walked out spending *way* less than i expected because of items on sale. YAY!! Big smile.


1) I really like my new tires. Not sure if it is the tires themselves or just my confidence in having new tires, but I really like them.

2) I need to find McIntosh apples. I think that is what I need for some killer applesauce.

3) Sales are wonderful. I'm a genius for that one, huh?

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