Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Against my better judgement, we're in!

"Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Finally bit the bullet and got Husband and I signed up for the Day of the Tread metric century despite the fact that I'll be going into this under-trained. The event is in less than 12 days. I have one weekend left for a long-ish bike ride.  Guess that just adds to the adventure. And yeah, I think this counts as one thing that scares me.  And if you saw my training log from the past 6 weeks, I think you'd be scared for me too!!

For an extra fee, event jerseys are available for purchase, and we decided to go ahead and get them this year. I'm excited about that.
We'll be getting the event jerseys this year, woohoo!!

A few words on the Day of the Tread event.  It's a fundraising event for Casa Esperenza, a home-style facility for families of cancer and critical medical patients.  The event offers a marathon, marathon relay, half-marathon, 10K walk or run, 5K walk or run, 1 mi run, Kids K, 100 mi century, 80 mi ride, 64 mi (metric century), 54 mi, 26 mil ride, 12 mi ride.  Whew!  That's a lot of different choices!  There is something for just about anyone who wants to participate.

A lot of folks will be showing up in costume. Overall, it really should be an enjoyable experience. Except for the riding a metric century under-trained part, of course. Hehehehe.

What are you doing lately that scares you??


  1. Excited for you! That jersey is badass. Hmmm...scares me? I guess I need something...

  2. Those jerseys make me want to become a cyclist, almost.

  3. oooh cool jersey! My goodness that's brave, but you'll have husband to cheers you oon! Umm...scary thing...THE GYM all those bloody mirrors

  4. New jerseys......fun! Good luck.

  5. That is a slick jersey. Have a great ride

  6. No risk, no fun! :) Love the fact you can buy a jersey, looks great!!!