Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plan B

Oh, it would be so easy for me to write out a 6 week training plan that I should have followed to get ready for the metric century, but it's a little late for that now.  And honestly, I need to remember that getting ready for that ride isn't my only goal for the month. I also want to achieve running 3x week and hitting 12K steps/day on average.

What I've done so far this week:  Sunday was a lazy day, but I got in short runs each day Mon, Tue, & Wed.  The distances were 1.8mi, 3.1mi, and 3.3mi.   I realize that I'm not running far enough to train for any serious races, but it's far enough to stay healthy, and that is the main goal.

Looking forward:  I hope to get one more 3 mile run done today. Tomorrow the plan is a 20 mile bike ride.  Then on Saturday, a 44 mile ride.  Between the two days I will have gone the full 64 that's coming the following weekend at Day of the Tread. Then I hope to run on Mon and Tues again.  I'll be travelling Wed-Sat and don't expect much more than walking as exercise, although I'll bring running stuff "just in case" I get a chance Thu or Fri.  That Sunday is the metric century.

So clearly this wouldn't have been my Plan A, but it's reasonable as a Plan B, right? RIGHT?!?!


  1. Plan B is better than giving up entirely!

  2. Plan B is better than no plan at all. :)

  3. Totally right. I like your logic.

  4. I know zilch about biking, which is actually what I"m hoping to learn in the next sure sounds great to me :)