Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oct Tally

  • 178.2 miles by bike
  • 30.7 miles running
  • 16.0 miles fitness walking
  • ~12K steps per day on average
  • 1 bike event
  • 2 weeks alone with husband out of country
  • 1 trip to OH
  • 1 gym membership cancelled
  • 1 weekend with injured dog
  • My fitness goals were to run 3 x per week, get in 1-2 mid week rides per week + 1 long weekend ride per week, and achieve 12K steps per day on average.  I give myself a B-, C+, & A on these goals.  We also registered for the 100K ride and completed 73K of it.  I give myself a B on that as well.
  • I need goals for Nov/Dec and haven't determined them yet.  With the time change, it's going to get interesting.  One thing that I ought to register for right away is the Jingle Bell run; we do that almost every year.
  • Continue wearing the pedometer and aim for 12k steps on average through the end of the month

1 comment:

  1. That's not too bad for Oct at all. Well done! It's good to have some nice goals to work for.