Sunday, September 4, 2011

That's how I roll

This weekend I decided to invest a little time in a bike project or two.  My first bike project involves getting an old 20+ yr old heavy, stiff Rockhopper ride-ready and eventually commute-worthy.  I haven't ridden this for a very long time, in fact, the last time it was ridden was by the kids when they were little.  I had to adjust the seat quite a bit to get it into a somewhat comfortable position for me.  I also think that I need to raise the handle bars.  Anyway, I took it out for a test ride after wiping it down, filling up the tires, and adjusting the seat height.  Wasn't a very comfortable ride, and I think something funky is going on with the front brakes, but otherwise, it seems to be in good condition and shifted smoothly.

1990 ChroMoly RockHopper replaced knobbies w/ Hemisphere EX tires
My daughter got a bike when she was maybe 12 yrs old (maybe younger) that has been sitting in the garage ever since she learned to drive.  I put air in the tires and took this out for a test ride also.  I don't like how it shifts compared to the bike above, but the brakes are better and the ride is much more comfortable, probably due to the front shocks.  I'm thinking about asking her whether she ever plans to ride this again, if not, I may abandon the project above and work to make this my commute bike.

Daughter's 2005? Women's Aluminum Hardrock Sport
The second project that I have going on involves my Giant OCR3.  This is the bike that I did my first 3 triathlons on (back in 2006-2007).  It needed new tires and the bike computer hasn't been working. I replaced the tires Friday and Husband figured out how to get the battery out of the computer (replacing it should fix the issue).  I have a friend who is potentially interested in buying this bike so I'm getting it ready to sell.  I was thinking that I would list it on Craigslist if she doesn't want it because I haven't ridden it at all for the past year and a half or so, but now I'm not so sure.  Getting rid of a bike is like getting rid of a good friend.  Anyway, I took it out for a test ride today and it needs a tune up.  Can't get to the small ring in front and it rattles on the large rings in back.

2006 Women's Aluminum Giant OCR3
Finally, the bike I like best.  In the photo below I had replaced the front tire (have since also replaced the rear).  What's funny is that I wasn't really bike shopping for myself when I found it; I was out shopping with Husband for a road bike for him.  They had this in one of that stores that we were shopping at, I took it out for a ride while he was test riding something else, and fell in love with it. He didn't end up buying a bike at that particular store, but I eventually went back and bought this one for myself.  This is the only bike that I truly love riding.

2007 Women's Carbon Lemond Versailles
So that's how I roll.  How about you??


  1. I have actually been thinking about taking my husband's bike out for a test ride. I love to bike, but I have to admit that mine isn't the most comfortable ride. If we were here permanently, I would look into investing in a really good quality commuter bike right now and sell my current one, but we aren't so I'll just have to continue pedaling on.

  2. I have my beloved Minerva, blue 2006 Diamondback racer (aluminium w/ carbon forks) amd Prudence, my purple mountain bike from a garage sale. BTW I don't name my cars, only my bikes!

  3. I have recently discovered my bike I had in high school! Funny how long those things last right??

  4. Looks like you've been busy with the bikes! Last one is definitely the prettiest...

  5. I ride 5:
    Specialized Transition Sworks for tri racing

    2) Specialized Roubaix carbon fiber road bike.

    3) Guru Titanium VelociTi road bike

    4) Lemond Zurich Steel (rainy day rides)

    5) Specialized XC mountain bike that I mostly ride in the winter.

    You cannot have too many if you use them all!

  6. That's awesome! I'm actually looking for a road bike because I would like to start riding however, I'm just wanting to start with something cheap and make sure it's something I'm going to love and stick with......ANY suggestions??

  7. so many bikes. so little time... I need a mountain bike. I'm thinking its still a couple of years away.