Monday, September 19, 2011

This post brought to you by the letter S

Switching Brands: Our local Costco stopped carrying the 12-pack case of chobani greek yogurt.  At first this seemed like a panic situation, but quickly found a replacement strategy to get me through my daily Greek yogurt consumption needs.  Walmart has a large size vanilla Chobani that is perfect to scoop into my granola for breakfast.  Costco now carries a 12-pack case of Fage, which is different, but also very yummy, and perfect for a mid-morning or late afternoon snack.

Strength Training: Husband thought that my downfall on the 30mile bike ride was going to be saddle-soreness.  Oddly, the problem was actually shoulder-soreness.  Which I take as a sign that I need to revamp my core and upper body strengthening.  If my core was stronger, I wouldn’t carry weight on my shoulders.  If my upper body was stronger, I wouldn’t be sore from it even if I did.  So now I’m on a quest to add strength-work back into my routine.

September: September has got to be my all-time favorite month of the year.  It is cool enough to be comfortable for running, cycling, etc without the wind we get in the spring.  I just love it and wish it would last longer!

Speed work:  I'm just not feeling it right now.  I'm thinking of switching out all of the speed work sessions that were on my training plan for the next several weeks with some easy runs.  This is related to my recent decision to take road races off my schedule in the short term. I just want to run for the joy of running right now, and for me, speed work takes away the joy.

Signed Up:  After a successful 30 mile ride, Husband & I are now signed up for the 54 miler in mid-October.  I'm glad to have made the decision so that we could sign up before the rates go up.  We now have a 40 mile training  ride on the calendar for this weekend.  Fun stuff!

Stringing up Lights: All summer I have wanted to get some outside lights strung up on our back patio so that we could sit out there in the evenings and be able to see well enough not to trip over stuff.  We managed to get some hooks up, but never strung the lights because we didn’t’ need them during summer while the sun stayed up fairly late.  Now that it’s actually getting darker earlier, it seems like we might need to get this done sooner than later.  Just need to make time to do it.

Sweet Tooth: This weekend I was craving something sweet, so I decided to make my family famous chocolate/peppermint cookies.  So yummy!  Too yummy, actually, as I can't stop myself from eating them.  Sadly, I'm already thinking about making cookies again next weekend, this time modifying the recipe to make them chocolate/peanut butter cookies.

Swimming:  I have a hard time getting motivated to swim, mostly because I don't like getting up as early as necessary to swim before work.  This week I am hoping to schedule in a run-swim with my tri-training buddy.  I'm thinking that scheduling a workout with a run-buddy will get me to the pool.  Accountability helps!


  1. I want a nice big piece of chocolate cake. :)

    Love Greek yogurt ... Fage or Oikos or Chobani ... I haven't found much difference other than price. I do like the plain ones better though. Not a fan of the vanilla ones or the fruit kinds.

  2. I hate it when Costco stops carrying things! Hate it. Hate it!

  3. Check your elbows too if your shoulders ache. The 40 is a good test. Have fun!

    PS: I'm with Christina on the chocolate cake.

  4. I eat Fage greek yogurt. I sprinkle slivered almonds in it and crave it regularly!
    Yes, scheduling a workout with a buddy will definitely get you out there. ;)

  5. I love this post! So clever! (I'd have to do a "w for whingeing" one today :)

  6. MMMmmmmm, the cookies sounds yummy. This weekend we are celebrating 3 birthdays in our family so I'm sure I will have my fair share (and someone else's to)!

  7. THe thing I hate about Costco, as soon as you find something you love there, they stop carrying it

  8. I used to love September too, back when I lived in MN -- it's a beautiful time of year in most states. Here in FL, however, it's JUST like July and August, which are probably my least favorite months, weather-wise.

  9. I do core and shoulders 3 x per week for the long runs. it does wonders and helps a lot on the trails too. September is super here as well with spring mornings that are beautiful.

  10. Please don't post the chocolate/peppermint cookie recipe. I love that combo!

  11. I could've sworn I saw Chobani at Costco last weekend...unless they were clearing it out?
    Have fun on the ride!