Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sprint Summary

Holy Heck that was a tough race!  Full race report tomorrow or Tuesday.  I am happy to report that my back cooperated and I was able to participate!  I am also happy to report that my finish time was 01:51:54.   That's a good 10 minutes faster than my time from 2008 and a few minutes faster than the 01:55:00 that I predicted.  Yay!

A few random tidbits from the race:

  • I was passed by a 73 yr old man wearing nothing but a speedo on the bike.  Think about that for a few moments.
  • I passed a 7 yr old kid on the bike course.  Not a typo.  SEVEN.  Oh, and he passed me back and left me in the dust on the run.
  • I saw a lady on the same color bike as mine, wearing the same color shirt, and similar shorts.  She was also my same age. I dubbed her my race twin.  She was faster than me, but it was still cool to have a race twin.
  • I thought it was very cool that this race had a HERO division for EMS, police, fire, and military personnel and that the proceeds went to the local police and fire departments.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks.  I'm exhausted and ready for a nap!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to do the tri and hey, you rocked it!!!! Congrats :)

  2. I like that hero idea.

    ANd a big EWWWW to the old guy on the bike.

  3. Awesome job! The hero category is a great addition, I agree!

  4. congrats on beating your predicted time! i love the HERO division.

    mmm thank you for that mental picture! :)

  5. Nice job!! I totally took a nap after my tri today too!

  6. I'm so glad that you were able to do the tri and that your back didn't bother you!

  7. Ha! A 7 year old and a 73 year old in one race no less. Can't wait to read your report :)

  8. We have a 70 some year old that races in his speedo here as well. He does alot of races too