Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's next?

All summer, I was training toward the two sprint triathlons that are now in the past.  So what's up next?

So far this week, I have run 14.1 miles, walked 6, cycled 15.7, and swam 400M. If all goes well, I'll be adding another 30 miles to my cycle total before calling it a week.  I'm hoping to accomplish these 30 miles without too much discomfort.  If that goes well, Husband & I will target the 54 mile ride for Day of the Tread in mid-October and work on increasing the riding distance between now and then.  If it doesn't go so well, we'll plan on the doing the 26 mile course.  I'm really hoping that the 54 is within my grasp, but since most of my rides this summer have been in the 12mi and under category with the longest so far being just 22. I'm just not sure if I can get there in the few weeks that we have between now and the event. [ updated to add:  We did it and it wasn't TOO bad.  Would have been better if we had actually beat the storm.  The last few miles were in some nasty wind and a bit of rain and the threat of lightning.  Otherwise, it went well.]

On the running front, I've removed every running event from my calendar for the next 7 weeks except for the Bosque Boogie 10K.  Originally, I had wanted to shoot for a sub-hour 10K at Duke City.  I've decided that now is not the time for that.  I'm more interested right now in running for the joy of running, not to hit some time goal.  The event that I left on my calendar is an all-terrain run, with part on road, part on dirt levee road, and part on single-track.  It's at the end of October when the leaves have turned golden yellow.  It was my favorite event last year and I'm looking forward to running it again simply for the joy of running, not as a PR course.

So those are my next target events:  Day of the Tread ride (26 or 54 mi, tbd) and Bosque Boogie 10K for FUN!


  1. Awesome work outs this week!! Hopefully it will go well and you can do the 54mile rd. If not, 26mile would still be great!! I may get there sometime, someday :)

  2. The end of October sounds like a wonderful time to be doing a race.

  3. I'm glad that you did the 30 miles and that it went well aside from the lightening. I dislike being caught out in storms. The 10K sounds wonderful. Fall is my favorite season for running.

  4. Oh, be careful there, Lisa. You might actually turn into a cyclist. LOL

    Well done on the 54Mi. That's some solid distance, not far off the metric century! ;)

  5. They sound like good targets!

  6. We always have to keep another target on the horizon don't we? Good luck, I know you've got 54 in the bag. It's going to be a fun accomplishment!