Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This, that, and the other

  • Daughter went out for a bike ride with a friend yesterday.  I'm thinking they went somewhere between 6 and 8 miles.  I think this is the first she was out on her bike for at least 3 years.  I guess this means I cannot have her bike, but if my interest in her bike had anything to do with her re-sparking her interest in riding it, that's fine by me.
  • Tuesday is group run day, but I didn't want to do hills or speed work, so I met a friend and went on a four mile easy trail run instead.  It was perfect.  Being out there running for fun, solidified my decision to take the Duke City 10K off my schedule.  The next run I'm planning on is the Bosque Boogie, which is an 'all terrain' run with a section on single track.  I had so much fun at that race last year! I can't wait to do it again.
  • This morning I truly intended to get up and go for a bike ride. Really, I did. But now it is raining, and quite honestly, I'm really not in the mood to ride in the rain.  Maybe after work.  Or in a few days. Whatever.  No pressure, my bike will be ready when I am.
  • Planning on going for a 30+ mile bike ride this weekend with Husband.  Depending on how it goes, we will decide whether we are aiming for a half century or quarter century for Day of the Tread, which is about a month away.  I am sure I can do the quarter century route no problem, but not sure where my bike fitness is with regard with the longer route.  And as with all things around here, it's going to be hilly.  
  • Still haven't heard from the RD about race shirts, not that I'm too concerned, but I really had expected an email about that by now.  There was also an event photographer on site and I'm waiting to find out where to view the photos online.  I hope they got a good one of me on my bike.  I'm going to order an event photo from the other tri and would like one from this race as well if they got a good shot. Maybe we'll get an email about all that today?
  • A while back I won a pair of Brooks shoes from a giveaway on Adam's blog. I chose trail running shoes.  I'm happy to report that soon I will be able to share my thoughts on what I picked out. Yipppeeee!
  • Sometime in the last couple weeks, I found a site (and subsequently lost it, so I cannot share right now) that had you enter your current age and weight and then calculated speed for same race if you were a younger, lighter version of yourself (in this case, I think it goes to 23 yrs old and 110 lbs).  Of course, I wasn't running at that age, but it was interesting none-the-less.  I entered by 5K PR of just under 28 minutes from a few months ago and it spat out a time of something like 24 minutes.  I don't know how accurate it is, but somehow that made me feel much better about my running ability.  If I can find it, I'll share it for you other 'older' runners out there.


  1. Day of the Tread. I love it!
    Enjoy those trail shoes.

  2. Don't blame you one bit for opting out of riding in the rain. I love to run in the rain, but riding not so much.

    Hope you hear back about the race shirts & photos soon!

  3. if you find that website, please post. I'd love to compare my current self to my 18 year old self.

  4. haha... train harder run faster. probably lose a few pounds in there too. what is it? like 4 seconds per mile per pound?!? something like that....


  5. I won't ride in the rain as well. Running is different, it is great to run in the rain. I have logs with my runs and times since 1994. Most of my PR's are from 1996 - 1999. Ha, that is so long ago... Yes, I was lean and fit and fast then!:)

  6. I don't know how accurate such an age calculation/comparison would be. At best, it'd have to be a guess since so many other factors (aside from age and weight) determine our speed. Frequently, I notice that the fastest women at races are typically in their mid-30s.

  7. Agree with not wanting to ride in the rain. Pretty exciting to win shoes.

  8. I have found out that I LOVE running in the rain! A light rain of course...I hope you think of that site, sounds interesting!

  9. Riding the bike in the rain cannot be more fun than running in the rain, right?

    And woo hoo to winning shoes!

  10. I wouldn't ride in the rain...too scary. Running in the rain is awesome though..
    Can't wait to hear about the shoes!