Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Tally

By the Numbers
  • 83.2 miles by feet (37.0 running, 45.2 walking)
  • 100.4 miles by seat
  • 1200 meters in the pool
  • 12 hill training days
  • 8 vacation days (Maui, baby!!)
  • 4 planned rest days
  • 1 unplanned rest day
  • 2 races (5K, sprint tri)
  • 1 child now a Senior in HS
  • 1 child off to CA for Sophomore year in college
  • 1 friend newly hooked on triathlon
  • Happy with my bike training, especially given the week long vacation at the start of the month
  • Happy with my performance at the sprint tri
  • No good excuse for such little time in the pool other than it doesn't interest me that much
  • I really need to be more consistent with my running
  • Keep training hills!!
  • Try to get in more running/swimming volume
  • Another Sprint Tri


  1. great job during august! You tri people are so motivating!

  2. Those numbers look good to me. Good luck building up the swimming. It is hard when it doesn't interest us.

  3. Your numbers look pretty darn good to me! 12 hill training days?!? You are a beast!

  4. I have great respect for all the tri people. I take the easy way out and only run. I love swimming and I'm a strong swimmer actually. I have zero interest in the biking.

  5. Nice training!

    Do you do drills in the pool or just straight swimming? Just swimming all the time can get boring (and I LOVE swimming!), but doing some drills helps mix it up. Let me know if you want more info!

  6. Wow, I think your #'s look awesome. 12 hill days??? That would of killed me alone!

  7. you've been super busy, your swim / interest will come back to you during the looks like another fantastic month in the books!!

  8. "by feet and by seat" is cute phrasing!

    Nice job on August's numbers!

  9. Wow, just caught up on the last couple of posts - August has been a really fun and challenging month for you!

  10. What a solid month!! Great mileage all around! I'm inspired!

  11. Awesome job on the numbers for the month!!! :0)