Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday - dryer vent, floor pump, & tempo run

1) Earlier this week we had our dryer vent cleaned out (the part from the dryer to outside the house, not the lint filter). Apparently you are supposed to do this every two years. We haven't done it since.....uh.....ever. Oops. I'm happy to say that our dryer is now working like new and is no longer a fire hazard!! Will try to remember to have this done in 2013 rather than wait another 20 years.

2) I swear my bike hates me. I was having some issues (other stuff needing my attention) getting out for my ride yesterday. Finally was really ready to go, just needed to add air to my tires to get them up to pressure. As I was doing this, the stem valve from the rear tire broke off and got stuck in the head of my floor pump. Neither Husband or I were able to get the stem valve out of the nozzle head. At this point, I found myself in the situation of needing to replace the rear tube while my floor pump was out of commission. To heck with that! Took the dogs for a walk instead. Today I will stop at the LBS and see if they can help me with my nozzle situation; if not, I guess I'm buying a new floor pump.

This wouldn't be such a big deal, except that I need time on the bike more than anything. I could have used a frame pump or CO2 cartridge to get my bike up and running, but I was so frustrated at that point that it seemed better to postpone the ride for another day.

3) Finally had a decent run this morning. On deck was a 4 mile run broken down as warm up, tempo, cool down with sprint finish. I began to question myself during the tempo portion, but remembered that there is really only one question to ask yourself when a workout gets tough: "How bad do you want it?!?" That was enough to get my head into the game, and I am quite satisfied with my effort. Guess today I must have really wanted it.


  1. Great job pushing yourself through the run! We had a tempo this morning too and I questioned myself on a few parts. I just slowed down though, no positive mantras bouncing around in my head! LOL

    And sorry about the bike :( it sounds like a very inconvenient time!

  2. Tempos are so tough. Nice job.
    My husband asked me (during my last tempo), "Do you like to suffer?"
    Unfortunately, the answer was "no", so I quit that run!

  3. Sometimes, things are telling you to skip something on schedule.

  4. That is too bad about the bike issue - hopefully it is an easy fix!

    Great job on the tempo!!

  5. Nice mental toughness on the run!
    What a pain about the bike. Can you imagine if that happened during a race? Ugh.

  6. You're supposed to clean out a dryer vent? Asside from cleaning out the lint trap? hmmm. might explain why it takes a couple dryings before stuff is dry. how does one go about doing this?! :)

  7. Ugh! The bike and all it's silly parts and stuff. Kind of a pain. ;)

    I am now thinking about my dryer....Not sure mine's ever been cleaned either. Yikes!

    Yay on the run! Get it girl!

  8. hmm dryer vent cleaning. did you DIY this or did you have to hire someone? i am asking because this is something i have never had done and so obviously need to have it done.....

  9. That is one reason I don't do the bike thing. The technical issues and flats and all those just put me off completely. Glad you had a good run, well done! Have a good weekend!

  10. Tempos are probably my least favorite workout. :shudder: Good job getting it done!