Friday, July 5, 2013


Upon returning from Seattle, took some time off this week for a bit of a staycation.  Feels like our time off is almost over, but it's Friday evening and we still have a weekend to enjoy.  Here are a few things that we did while we were off.

Got in a couple nice bike rides this week.  Also stopped to get some new tires, but I haven't put them on yet.  I'm toying with the idea of getting a new saddle.  I have an older ladies Serfas RX which I like a lot EXCEPT that the nose is a bit wide for me which causes discomfort especially with back-to-back riding.  Any suggestions for a comfortable ladies saddle would be appreciated.  Btw, I'm thinking of trying a newer serfas rx.  The design looks a bit different, but I can't tell if the nose is narrower or not.

Doesn't show my saddle.  I wasn't thinking of it when I took this shot
(have a bike photo to upload, but having problems with blogger.  Will try later)
 Got a couple swims done too.  No photos for that.  But one of the days that I swam, we also went to the Isotopes ballpark to have someone show us club level seating (you can't get up there on game day without tickets).  I got a nice shot of the ballpark getting dressed up for the 4th of July game (star on the field, Isotopes painted red,white, & blue).
Isotopes Ballpark getting ready for 4th of July
Ran a few times too.  I have a red/white/blue shirt from Patriot triathlon from a few years ago.  I don't wear if very often because it fits tighter than I like, but figured it was good to wear for a 4th of July run.  Probably won't wear it again until next year this same time, but maybe I can cut the emblem out and put it on another shirt.  Has anyone ever tried doing something like that with a race shirt?  

Squinting because I left my sunglasses inside.
Also started painting our great room.  Ran out of paint ( I knew I would ), but I don't particularly feel like going to get some more right now so I guess I'm done with that for the day. Hoping to get it wrapped up by end of the weekend, but we'll see how that goes. 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love staycations..glad you have enjoyed yours! I've never cut off an old emblem from a shirt, but it's worth a try! The ballpark is beautiful! Love the star on the field!

  2. I like staycations, because I love to stay home.

  3. I've had to fix a race shirt that was too big by sewing up the sides and sleeves to make it tighter. Staycations are relaxing - no hotel reservations needed!

  4. Hi Lisa

    With regard the saddle thing.. . I use Specialised Ladies Jett Comp saddle... it probably doesn't look comfy but I have one of these on both road bikes!! I go for anything with a dip (or hole) in the middle front of the seat.

    Also the angle of the saddle can make a difference, if I adjust in error so it is too far downwards or slightly up can also cause problems for me!!

  5. Great staycation! I'm the worst at sewing - good luck on that one!

  6. LOVE staycations, but with the limited vacation days I end up traveling almost all the time I'm off. I hope I can get a week off later this year and just enjoy doing NOTHING :) You were very productive during yours!