Sunday, July 14, 2013

Craptastic Friday

Ever have one of those days?

Well it started off with a planned 5 mile run.  For some reason my shoe was bothering me. When I took off my shoe I realized why.  Apparently the back of my shoe had rubbed the back of my ankle raw.

I have not had that problem before and not really sure what went wrong.  But now I have a Bandaid on that spot and it seems to be healing up.

I turned on the water to take a shower and get cleaned up water.

We live in a rural residential area and have our own water well and pump.  I tried hitting the reset button on the pump, but the tank pressure stayed at zero. No water means no flushing toilets, no watering the garden, no taking a shower, no washing dishes, no cooler, etc.  We are really dependent on it!

Long story short, about 12 hours and a lot of $$$ later, we had water again (along with a new pipe, pump, panel, water tank, etc).  We went out for dinner as we had missed a concert that we were planning to attend (couldn't leave the house until the guy was done and he wasn't done until after 8pm!).

In the midst of all this, we were having a problem with the irrigation system.  It couldn't be fixed until the water situation was resolved.  So even now that we've got water again, we've been having to manually irrigate until we get the irrigation resolved.  Hopefully that can happen early in the week.


  1. Ugh. What a day.

    I used to get raw spots like that all the time. Never from running, but any time I wore sneakers and only on the one ankle. I hope it heals up quickly and doesn't give you any more trouble.

    And I'm sorry about the water and missing the concert. That sucks :(

  2. Ouch, the blister looks painfully. It happened recently to me as well, my sock was too low. Sorry about the water issue, what a day!!

  3. Yikes that water issues sounds expensive! Hope that is the sort of thing that only happens once in a decade! Hope the weekend picked up after Friday!

  4. Maybe a sock had a funny fold in it or something. At least it's healing up. We are so dependent on water and electricity. We only realise it when we are without it.

  5. Okay. You totally win the crappiest friday award. That blows.

    The only time I have rubbed my ankle raw while running is when I had my running tights on and the ankle zipper rubbed my ankle for a few miles. That was bloody just like yours.

  6. Oh man that is a rough day! No water is no fun whatsoever.