Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Putting it into practice...

How interesting that I posted on having a good day yesterday.  It was a challenging day to put it into practice, but I think I was successful in finding the positive in each of the challenges that came my way.

Challenge #1 - Shoulder injury
  • The bad - I've been having significant shoulder pain since July 4.  I'm not sure what happened exactly.  I've seen the chiropractor twice and talked to the doctor.  They both suspect impingement syndrome, tendinitis, or bursitis.  Initial cousre of treatment is rest, ice, anti-inflammatories.  Rest for the next 3 weeks includes anything that requires me to lift/extend my arm past a certain point.  This includes both cycling and swimming and I have a triathlon on my schedule in just over a month. Uggh.
  • The good -  I had it checked out early enough that the conservative treatment of rest/ice/anti-inflammatories *may* be sufficient for healing.  Fingers crossed! 
Challenge #2 - Dental appointment
  • The bad - I'm an extremely anxious dental patient as it is and have been having sensitivity issues on bottom front teeth.  My normal dental hygentist is no longer at the dental office, so I had to see someone new who doesn't know me or my anxiety issues.  I told her about the sensitivity and anxiety and she used a topical numbing solution to allow her to clean those sensistive teeth.  She also applied a de-sensitizing agent to try to help long term.
  • The good -  I brought up my concerns right at the beginning, and the appointment went very well.  I dont' have to go back for another 6 months!
Challenge #3 - Water problems still not completely resolved.
  • The bad -  Our irrigation system is still not working right.  Everything is getting water at the same time though, and the garden should be separated from the rest of the plants in the yard.
  • The good  - The water well/pump problems were resolved on Friday, it's just a matter of getting the details of the irrigation system sorted out. We no longer need to hand water outside or deal with a big hole in our backyard where they were working on the control valves.


  1. Well done for getting the positive in each of those. Being positive is the key for so many things.

  2. Ugh. That would make me angry (all of it). Great work keeping a positive outlook on it all!

  3. fingers crossedfor the shoulder and well done at the dentist!