Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Somewhere

Serfas RX on top, Forte Contour XFC on bottom
Bet you're getting tired of me blogging about my saddle woes. Yeah, well me too. But short of telling you how I ran in a downpour yesterday (with a bit of hail thrown in for fun) and skipped my swim this morning because of a sore shoulder (not related to the hail), I don't have much to blog about.

So more saddle discussion it is.  Sorry

I decided that I should at least try out this Forte Contour saddle that I bought last weekend before taking it back. Looking at it more closely, I realize that even while it isn't much narrower in the front part of the nose, it's a bit squishier on the sides than my current saddle and it is a bit narrower further back on the nose.  Plus it's visually appealing, which is always important for something you put your butt on, right?  Ha. But seriously, I do like the looks of it.

My bike sporting the Forte Contour XFC, sans saddle bag

Well, this morning I went ahead and stuck it on my bike and gave it a test ride (9 miles). Initial impression: I may have been too quick to dismiss this one.  And that's actually a good thing, because it means this one may actually be a keeper.

I stopped about midway in the ride and adjusted the saddle position a little.  After that, I forgot about the saddle and just enjoyed the ride.

I think I'll test it out on a longer ride before I make a final decision, but so far, so good!


  1. I always shy away from bike riding b/c the seat hurts...

  2. definitely worth testing it on a longer ride. I think if I had to start cycling again I'll go through similar problems.

  3. Forgetting about your saddle is probably a good sign!

  4. I had about 4 years of saddle woes, and FINALLY got one that works for me. I had to ride it a bit to make sure that it was the one. My issue was like yours - the width of the saddle vs. width of the saddle nose.

    My hubby has the male version of the saddle you are trying and he loves it. I ended up with a Cobb saddle (V-Flow Max Plus)but the price is a little out there.

    4 years of triathlon and I still find the saddle to be the most difficult thing to square away!

  5. Hey, you gotta find what works right? I hope this last round helps you out.

    P.S. You won my give away! ;)

  6. Glad you found something that might work! Hope you have a good weekend! :0)