Friday, December 5, 2008

Knowledge is Power


The second day of our Corporate Athlete class started with a module on nutrition. It was presented in a way that explained what happens as food is digested (mostly from a blood sugar/insulin perspective).

For the first time, I think I finally UNDERSTAND why eating several small meals is important. Why pairing protein with carbs is important. And why skipping meals or going to long without food can cause you to gain weight.

I know that none of this is new news to anyone, but it's one thing just to be told something and something all together different to understand.

With this new understanding, I came to the realization that I have destructive eating patterns. I need to eat strategically.

The worst for me has been in the afternoon. I don't eat a nutrtious snack within 3-4 hrs of lunch, my blood sugar drops, my body thinks I'm starving, and I end up binging before/during/after dinner.

I don't always eat a balanced breakfast either. Sometimes I exercise early without breakfast, send my blood sugar plummeting, and end up binging afterwards.

I made a commitment to myself to fix my nutrition effective immediately. And yesterday afternoon went fairly well even with a holiday concert/dinner.

I'll be focussing on this for a while as I try to develop new habits. I'll be taking some snacks to work to keep in my desk. And setting time based reminders to nudge me to eat. Wish me well!

Random Thoughts

We did yoga yesterday, I didn't care for it.

I did my PT quad sets and core this morning and feel good about that.

Husband & I are running Jingle Bell 5K tomorrow. Yikes. I feel totally unprepared, this is definately just going to be a fun run for me.

I stopped back at Marshalls. To my delight, I found a jacket in my size just like the light blue one, but in more of turquoise color. Score!


  1. the eating thing is something i need to do. I think i'm pretty destructive too in that sense, especially not eating enough to sustain my working out. I need to get a better handle on it! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Yes - I'm familiar with the ELMO (eat less more often) principle, & the need to incorporate protein in every meal. Now I just need to actually do it, which seems to be my sticking point.

    Good luck & have fun with your 5K!!

  3. I found that eating either a protein shake or protein bar in that window between lunch and dinner makes a huge difference in how much I end up eating at dinner without adding very many calories.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  4. Result with the jacket!

    You already said you weren't keen on the Yoga - so could recovery from that personal yuk with the quad/ core set!!!!

    Interesting your comments on nutrition too... thanks for sharing!

    How's this for destructive... i was working at home one day last week, claustrophobic in the 4 walls I suddenly realised I was hungry... I then realised I had skipped lunch. It was 3pm and I was yearning for TREACLE TART! So I went to the shop and got one, not a small tart for one mind, no a big tart with 6 servings.... and proceeded to destroy it entirely over the course of about an hour with several cups of tea!!! LOL!!! Talk about sugar rush! Humm... yes ok, am heading your words already.. ELMO!

  5. The problem for me is I am not great at the "L" part of ELMO. :( I'm more of an EMMO kind of gal. Good luck with putting into practice what you've learned. I think that understanding is a huge motivator.

  6. I think it is wonderful that this is being covered in your class. Until I became became an athlete much later in life, I was pretty clueless about nutrition. Now it's an integral part of training & racing.

    Good luck with your 5K and the new eating habits!

  7. that's such a good remider - thanks, I will be replanning my whole eating patterns now :)
    yay for turquoiose jackets :)

  8. Good Luck with the eating-that is a tough one!

    ALso have a grat 5K!

  9. I was just reading an article in RW about how you have to really be a planner about food: all day, every day. Knowing what you'll eat and when you'll eat it. It is a lot of work to be conscious of.

  10. I still try to eat smaller meals throughout the sure does take work and planning!

    Good luck on your 5K!

  11. Have fun at the 5k! I too struggle with eating often enough. But when I do I feel optimal so it is definitely worth it.

  12. The eating is so difficult for me...Good luck with the positvie changes.

    Hope you had a great 5K with the hubby this morning!

  13. Nutrition is such a big part of being an athlete! Its so hard to get it right. What works for a while may not work forever, and what works for someone may not for another. But at least you're at a starting point to hopefully figure it out. Its something I struggle with all the time.

  14. Good stuff and important to remember. Enjoy the 5k.

    By the way, although I've never actually tried it in a formal class setting, I am pretty certain I am just not a yoga kind of guy.