Sunday, December 7, 2008

Looking Forward.

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. I'm thrilled beyond words to have been able to run the whole 5K without knee pain. That was just huge for me. The AG award was like icing on the cake. I still take the award with pride, but also with the understanding that it was a small field and many faster runners were doing a local Jingle Bell Triathlon this weekend instead.

Knowing that my knee is truly improving, I'm ready to plan for 2009. As I mentioned in a previous post, before I choose which races to do, I wanted to go through a process to figure out why I am doing this and what I wanted to achieve. After that, it will be easier to figure out which races (the when and how).

□ A: Be healthy
□ A: Have fun
□ A: Injury free
□ B: Be faster
□ C: Go farther (or farthest to date)

□ A: Min training: Strength* 2x per week, swim 1x per week, run 2x week, cycle 1x week, rest 1x week
□ A: tbd-Something about strategic eating
□ B: Target training: Strength 3x per week, swim 2x per week, run 3x per week, cycle 2x per week, rest 1x week
□ B: Average 1 event per month
□ B: Decent Race photos (yes, I’m vain like that!)
□ C: Get weight back under 120lbs and maintain

* Strength sessions include quad work to prevent PFS flare-up, core, & upper body. I may add in circuit training like we did in class last week.

□ A: Good running form – not sure how to measure this, but relates to injury-free.
□ A: Finish at least two 10Ks
□ A: Finish at least two 5Ks
□ B: 10K PR and break an hour. Personal Best is 1:02:19 at Run for Zoo May 2008
□ B: 5K PR and break 28:30. Personal Best is 28:48 at Chips-n-Salsa 2006
□ C: only if knee permits - half-marathon PR and break 02:15:00. Personal Best is 2:21:36 at Unser 2008
□ C: Trail race – any finish time, any distance. I really want to try this out. J

□ A: Finish one cycling event such as Albuquerque Century (metric)

□ C: tbd-something about stroke count reduction

□ A: Finish 2 sprint triathlons
□ B: Sprint distance PR at least one of the following : Jay Benson, Socorro, and/or Patriot
□ C: Finish 1 Oly triathlon


  1. Great moving forward goals Lisa. I love how you broke into to different categories and levels.

  2. looks like great goals! :) I can't wait to look over my goals and do some tweaking and adding for 2009!

  3. Great goals for 2009. With your heavy focus on injury prevention, you should have a good chance of meeting most or all of your goals

  4. Great goals! and good luck with the injury-free training, i'm on board for that one too :)

  5. Belated congratulations! That is a cool looking medal. I have been thinking about 2009 goals as well. Looks like you have some good goals for the year ahead.

  6. I love how you have many different goals for all the sports you enjoy. I think I need to make some goals for myself.

  7. Very nice, and smart. They all seem very realistic.

    I think 09 is going to be your year!

  8. Those look like great goals! One of these days I need to figure out my goals for the year.

  9. Like the goals, especially adding a trial race there. Once you go there you will never look at road race the same again.

    Looks like a busy year for 2009 for you as well..

  10. 2009 is going to be a great year for you! Love the way you organized your goals.

  11. Got goals? Will tri/run :-) Great news on the knee!

  12. Looks like a great plan and some great goals!

  13. Great goals. I like your plan.

  14. Those are all great goals. The most important thing is setting those goals and then building a plan to meet them. Great job and good luck with the 2009 season.

  15. Wow, you really do set some detailed goals! I am 100% with you on the injury-free goal. It seemed that something was bugging me nearly all of this year.

    Best of luck!!

  16. You've got some great goals. Lots to be accomplished :) I feel inspired to come up with some goals of my own...

  17. Congrats on the pain free 5K! That's definitely awesome. Your goals sound great I'm sure you'll be able to find good races to match them.

  18. EXCELLENT! Way to go lady! Looking forward to following your progress.

  19. These are serious plans, I am so impressed!

  20. These are great goals, Lisa. You put a lot of thought into this. Now good luck with the execution in 2009. I will be sitting down over the Christmas holidays and map out my 2009, too. It will be an awesome year! I can feel it! :-)

  21. What a great list of goals. Sounds like you'll have a awesome 2009!

  22. This is great Lisa!!

    You make me want to be a better runner and an injury free runner forever!!!

    I appreciate your friendship and advice!!!!

  23. Great goals! I have a rough idea of mine but need to sort them out and write them down.

  24. This looks great Lisa!

  25. These are some kick-butt goals! Looking forward to 2009 and watching you check every box! Rock on!!!!

  26. Great goals! Being injured free should really be at the top of your list and seems you choose B/C goals that will keep you injury free!

  27. stubmled on your blog...nice job on the Jingle Bell do you know the elevation?

  28. I think those are great goals!!! and well thought out. I like the idea of trying to figure out why you're doing certain races before doing them. Knowing what you want is going to help. You're going to have a wonderful year next year!