Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday turn of events

Got up early this morning
Met running group at trail head.
Nice slow run with friends.
Fun stuff.
Got in the car to head home
Car won't start.
Oh crud.
Called Husband.
He came to look at it, it's not the battery.
Called AAA for a tow.
Got towed to pep boys
Walked to a local eating establishment for some food.
Walked back.
Waited some more
Car needs new fuel pump & fuel filter
Due for an oil change so do that too.
Called Husband for a ride home
Rescued and brought home.
Maybe car will be ready later.
Or not
Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Ah shitty!! =( Stupid cars!

    I just read on Akaloee's blog that you had some savings to cover it at least!!

  2. Well, that's not what you wanted for Christmas!

  3. That stinks..

    I am from Cliff, near Silver City...I was thinking about doing the Sweetheart Run in Albq on Feb 14. Don't know for sure yet, I am so new at running and don't want to push to hard. I have only been running for a couple of weeks.

  4. that sucks so close to xmas... sorry to hear about the bad day...

  5. that does stink! Hope the rest of your weekend gets better!

  6. Oh man! Sorry to hear your Saturday went downhill so fast from your run :(

  7. boo to stupid cars!

  8. Oh no. Sorry to hear. Hope it won't be too inconvenient. Not sure what you weather is like at the moment. Otherwise I would have said: Oh, well. A good opportunity to ride your bike more. ;-)

  9. Sorry about your car!!! Sucks but at least your OK!!!

    And you had a fun run with friends!!! Can't beat that on a Saturday morning right??

    I think i am going to run 4 miles this morning!!

    Have a great Sunday!!

  10. I like how you composed this post! clever, and easy to read.. sorry about the car :\

  11. Ah poop! I HATE car issues! They make me crazy. Maybe too many years of driving POS (piece of sh&t) cars and having no money.

    I hope it gets fixed quickly and as painlessly for your wallet as possible.

    Very cool to go running with your run group!

    Thank you for your comment. Yeah, this is a big year I am scared to death.

  12. Doesn't sound SO bad but $$ for car repairs is never fun.

    Run sounds like lots of fun!

  13. Just what you need at this time of year!

  14. Yuck! Car drama is the worst.

  15. The nice slow run with friends sounds great. Sorry about the other shiz. Good luck chica.

  16. Yikes, that is a drag...and thanks for the reminder, mine needs an oil change!!!

  17. man car problems always bum me out, I'm not really sure why I think they are such a big deal...maybe because they are always a surprise.

  18. That's not fun at all. I guess the good news is you at least got your run in first. :-)