Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Miscellany

Today started off with a decent workout:
* 2W-8R-2W-8R-2W for a total of 1.9 miles in 22 mins.
* Stretches (hamstrings, calves, quads, arms, IT band, etc)
* 30 reps each of my PT quad sets (30x12=360 reps total - lotsa quad stuff)
* 3x25 bicycle crunches (ouch - those really hurt)

Tomorrow I am planning to cycle commute plus do my upper body strength routine.

Wed & Thu I'm in full day class called "The Corporate Athlete - Training for Maximum Performance." The idea is that we can learn from athletic training to perform well in all areas of our lives. The company is paying for the class *and* paying me to take it. Sweet deal, huh?

Also, Daughter starts driving school classes Wednesday evening. Yikes.

Our Christmas tree goes up this evening. Not sure if I posted about it last year, but the tree fell over in the middle of December causing my favorite glass ornaments to be smashed to bits. Very sad. I bought some new ones after Christmas when they were on sale. Anyway, I have a weird feeling about the tree this year. I keep thinking - "these are not my ornaments". We'll see how I feel this year when the tree goes up.

You folks had a lot to say about my whining yesterday. Wow. Thanks for all the feedback. You've given me a lot to think about. Here's where my head is at after digesting all your comments:

1) I probably need to look at weight *and* body fat. I know for certain that I have gained muscle in the past year. I'm fairly sure I've also gained fat in the midsection. But my target weight is probably not correc because muscle weighs more than fat.

2) I like the idea of writing down what I eat, but I don't actually want to do that. Today I did think about everything that's gone in my mouth and asked myself - "If I had to write it down, how would I feel about it later?" It affected my choices. Good stuff.

3) I'm a middle-aged multi-sport athlete that also does weight training. I shouldn't expect to be super-skinny like my stick-figure teens or the super-tiny runner-women. I need to embrace my body for what it is, "rock what I got", and (like a fine wine) just keep getting better with age. Sound more reasonable?

With that, this Gym Queen signs out!


  1. That class sounds really interesting, and even better that your work is paying! Have fun putting up the tree! :)

  2. I think you look great already! =)

    In my family it is the other way around, my Mom is a stick and me and my brother are a little chubby lol

    If you do want to improve than yes behind concious of everything you put in your mouth is actually important. I've been very successful with weight watchers in the past but counting pts get really old really soon...

    Hope you find something that works for you!

  3. Right ON Lisa!!

    You are a Rock'n Mom and athlete!!

    Doesn't come any better than that!!!

  4. I want to work for your company! That's too cool that they're paying for that class.

    I've been reading "Oxygen Mag" instead of "Self", w/c has done wonders for my body image appreciation. I've grown to admire a more muscular physique instead of the traditional stick figures.

  5. Oooohh I forgot, have you ever tried It's free and easy to use. It's a cal tracker. It has charts to tell you cals consumed vs cals burned, your weight progress, etc . . . I always love, love, love that site when I need to reign my weight in.

  6. I just caught sounds like you've been busy the last week. You son is really thin and tall...that kid needs to eat a pound of butter a day. JK JK.

    Keep rockin the Gym Queen tiara

  7. Wow, nice week!!

    Oh, and good luck with that new drivers... YIKES!!!

  8. come on over to the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge where we are all going to try and keep our butts in gear over the holidays.

    I know I for one have learned a lot about using BF and not the scale to judge my progress.

  9. Sad about your treasured ornaments. I sugest you craft some new ones, that way they will hold new special memories. Good work hitting the gym also!

  10. V. cool that you get paid to go to that class!

    And I like that "rock what you got" attitude. If I didn't train for tris, I'd weigh 10# less and be a lot fatter (have higher BF %). That was, in fact, me in my 20 and 30's.

  11. You are rocking it, keep up the great work.

    I often start tracking all my food and then I get tired of it and stop again. It really helps, though. has a good on-line tracker if you're ever interested.

  12. Truly. If you think you're HAWT, You are HAWT :-)

  13. Rock what you got, love that one!!

    Look at you sticking to a "solid" routine especially keeping up with those PT strengthing exercises. You are going to be rocking this coming year Lisa!

  14. I'm sorry but those videos on AFV of people knocking over/falling into their tree are always the funniest. Sorry about your ornaments though.

  15. Sounds like a plan to me. Nice job with the workout.

    Getting paid to take a class on athletics? Awesome!

  16. I love your revised thoughts! They sound much more positive!!!

  17. A virtual St. Christopher medal for your daughter from one new driver family to another. :D

    I heard you say you don't want to track food and it sounds like intentional eating was all you needed, but I thought I'd throw this out. When I track food, I like The Daily Plate (which is now connected to LiveStrong so that's cool.)

    Good luck Gym Queen!

  18. What a great sounding class! I need my work to hook me up with something like that.

  19. I like what you wrote in number 3! work it girl!

  20. That is a serious workout - nice job!

    I hope you can embrace your new ornaments once the tree goes up. SOrry to hear about the tree disaster last year. :(

  21. have fun with the tree!
    You know, I read somewhere that for every woman who is dissatisfied with her body, there's another woman who'd love to have it.
    I'm trying to write down my food. It's boring but as you say, I'm less likley to eat things I don't want to write down. I keep losing the paper though

  22. I would LOVE to take a class like that...sounds very fun! And I think you look great too, btw.

  23. Love it! Rock what you got. I think you look fantastic.

    Good luck with the new driver in the house.