Friday, November 3, 2006

What races do I want to do next? I keep asking this of myself. Last year it was an easier question. I was going from couch to Sprint. That was a long, slow journey, but the end point was clear. Right now, I'm a little more fuzzy.

I'd like to do the Polar Bear Triahtlon in (eek!) about a month. Barriers to this? Well, there is the little issue of me not being able to RUN at the moment due to a groin injury...but never mind that. The real issue is that there is no way I am going if I have to drive myself (I don't have a clue where this is and I would have to drive in the dark on Friday...yuck). So far I don't have any other transportation option so this race probably won't happen for me. :(

Next season, I would like to do a few 5Ks, a 10K, a half marathon in the spring, the Rio Rancho Duathlon (whatever it is called), Jay Benson, Socorro (again), and Chips-n-Salsa half marathon. That isn't necessarily my final list, but I'm not sure what other local Tri's or interesting events are actually out there, but an Olympic distance event next year would be cool too.

I would like to feel ready for a half-iron distance Tri in 2008. Is that too much of a stretch goal? We'll see...

One last thing that I feel I need to say: You don't have to WIN, you just need to TRI; and TRI, I will.

P.S. Bathing suit bottoms are still missing!!!!!

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