Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today I ordered Bodylastics elastic bands. We have a few physioballs already. I'm hoping the combination will make my core workouts more fun and interesting at home.

Guess this is a sign that it is getting colder outside. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be trying so hard to find fun ways to have fun and stay fit while indoors.

Speaking of which, I have my bike on my trainer and two spinervals sitting out. I should be ready to go tomorrow morning....I've eliminated my excuses.

UPDATE: The training demons were out to get me this morning. I could not get my DVD to play in the player that I put it in. I mucked with it for 20mins, then figured I needed to go to Plan B. Moved the bike in trainer to a new location and a new DVD player. Chain fell off in the process. Put chain back on, washed hands and was back in business a full 35min later than expected. Was a *leeetle* bit late to work, but no worries, training accomplished. And it was a good workout. :D

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