Sunday, November 5, 2006

I really need to find time to stretch more often. I don't want a repeat injury. I'm finding all kinds of creative ways to work this in.

On top of that is my new mantra: patience, pacing, and persistence.


  1. Check out "The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Your Life" by Mark Verstegen. He has a lot of exercises that are deal with stretching as well as strengthening. Get a foam roll and some rope - take it from one who's always been really stiff jointed - these are very helpful. The foam roll sounds wierd, but it really helps. My 2 cents. PS... talk to Misty aka Athena Diaries about getting a ride to the Polar Bear. Here team usually shows up in mass, so surely someone from up there has room for an extra ride. Also I think you could probably stay in Las Cruces and drive to the missle range in the AM.

  2. check out yahoo maps. the missle range zip code is 88002, its only 30 miles for Cruces - in fact we'll probably drive to Cruces and stay somewhere on HWY 70.