Wednesday, November 8, 2006

This morning, rather than go out on a 1-1.5 hr bike ride, I opted to put my bike on the trainer, do some spinning, and ended up popping "Spinervals - Sweating Buckets" into my DVD. Not sure who all uses Spinervals or how this one compares to others, but I think it was time well spent. Normally, I would much prefer riding outside, but it was just too cold at 6am for me to hop on my bike this morning. I started off thinking "Oh well, this was better than nothing". However, it may have actually been better than my outside ride would have been. The workout seemed well structured. I also think I put more effort into it than I would have otherwise.

If anyone has a favorite Spinervals, let me know. I can imagine getting bored quickly if I don't have some variety here.. I may end up using these once a week so that I don't limit my cycling to the weekends.


  1. I'm going to ask Santa for a trainer - what kind do you have?

  2. Mine is Minoura Mag 500D from very very basic. but it does the job for me at the moment. i had llbean gift certificates, so that biased my decision.

    email me some time for more info. :)

  3. I have read even pros used the indoor trainer all year long especially for interval/speed type stuff. I have a varity to keep it interesting.