Friday, November 17, 2006

I may be slow; I may lack natural ability on the bike; but I have really come a long way in the water. Whenever I am feeling down about how much I totally stink as a cyclist (which is pretty much every time I ride), I really do need to reflect back on what I *have* accomplished in the past year.

This time last year, I honestly could not swim one length of the pool. I got help and worked hard. By February I could do 100s. By April I could do 200s. In May, I did my first 400. It was hard. It took everything I had to complete that distance. Today I did 400 as a warm up. *I* did this. AS.A.WARM.UP. My swim workout contained a total of 2000M. I finished it. I'm hungry and I'm tired, but I did the whole thing.

I really think I just need to apply the same discipline and determiniation to the bike. Keep at it. Celebrate small accomplishments. Never give up. Eveutally I really should be able to see improvement. And maybe this time next year, I will be just as proud of my progress cycling as I am today of my swim.

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