Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today I did something different - intervals on the treadmill. 12 intervals of about .13 miles FAST (well...my version of FAST anyway) with 2min slow/rest in between. And I kept track of the speed and pace of each one (per the treadmill output). The fastest pace that I could maintain this morning for that short distance was 8:06 min/mi. Average was more like 8:15, I think. That is a lot faster than my 5K pace, so I kind of surprised myself. But, I've never tried running FAST for a short distance before, so I really didn't know what to expect.

I tried to be sure to stretch well afterwards, and my legs felt tired but okay when I left the gym. After sitting on my rear for about 3 hrs straight at work, my legs sure complained when I tried to get up and walk. They are still complaining now.

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  1. I like treadmill intervals. We seem to have a similar definition of fast. Although lately I haven't been doing much running, so my fast is probably getting slower. Nice job.