Thursday, December 19, 2013

In which I prove to be a klutz

Yesterday afternoon I had a close encounter of the unintentional kind with a door opening in my general direction.  The results was a bruised, swollen, and extremely sore toe.  You can't tell from this angle, but the injured toe was swollen twice the size (top to bottom, not side to side) and the same toe on opposite foot. And I must add, it is amazing how much pain can emanate from such a small part of the body.

Owie, my toe!
I tried the standard home remedy for these sorts of ailments: ice, ibuprofen, elevation & rest, but it still hurt like the dickens in the morning and the swelling hadn't gone down at all.  I decided to go to urgent care when they opened. An hour and a half, four x-rays, and I don't remember how much $$ later, it was determined that my toe is NOT fractured (yay!), but badly contused. The Urgent care doctor sent me off with a prescription for a stronger anti-inflammatory and told me to keep up with the ice/elevation/etc.

Checked the time and realized that I had just enough time to drop off the script at the pharmacy and get lunch before heading to my orthopedic appointment for injection #2.  Nothing better for back-to-back doctor visits as a way to spend the day (note sarcasm).

As she was preparing for the injection I told her about my toe, mostly because I wasn't wearing a shoe and didn't want her to bump it.  She asked to take a look at it and recommended that I get fitted for a 'post op shoe' to wear while it is healing. So I left her office injected and sporting a post op shoe on one foot and a regular shoe on the other.  I'm actually quite pleased about this, there is currently no way for me to wear a shoe comfortably on my left foot; this 'post op' shoe is easy to get on and off, is much more comfortable than a regular shoe, and provides support (vs. wearing no shoe).

quite the fashion statement
Orthopedic instructed me to go home and put heat on my knee.  Both she and the urgent care doc also wanted me to ice my toe.  I was happy to oblige.  Except for the small detail that I have a bunch of work to do before going on vacation next week, but I guess I can work on that tomorrow.  At this point, my day is pretty much shot anyway.

fire and ice: heat on knee, ice on toe
So yeah, I won't be logging much in the way of activity this weekend.  One the bright side, concurrent injuries means less overall down time, right?  And both problems are on the same leg, so at least I have one good leg!

Now would be great time to share your own personal klutz stories so I know this doesn't only happen to me. Please and thank you!


  1. Oh man, what a day! The thought of you with heat on your knee and ice on your toe would be amusing if it wasn't so unpleasant for you. I can make you feel a little bit better in that I have managed to prompt considerable (excessive!) bleeding from my big toes over the years from minor bumps / trips and even just from adjoining toe nails being a tiny bit too long. There's nothing like looking down and seeing your shoe covered in blood to give you a fright ;)

  2. Oh geez thank heavens it is not broken. Hopefully it'll be much better by the time vacay rolls around.

  3. This is just terrible!

    I read contused as CONFUSED. Is your toe confused?

    I almost slipped walking across the road in front of the van that stopped for me during my run this morning. If I slip on the ice tomorrow, I'll be sure to let you know.

  4. Yikes! Hope they get better soon!

  5. I love your take on such an unfortunate situation. I'd rather have concurrent injuries than the alternative. And yes, you still have one good leg- lol! Have a great vacation!

  6. I didn't realize the boot didn't have to do with your other injury. Yikes. Good luck!

  7. Hopefully you recover VERY soon!

    Walking out of work a few years ago to go to a work meeting I caught my stilleto-ish heel in the cuff of my pants and bit it. Totally fell on the ground and was hurt immediately. The outside of my L foot got a huge bump on it right away. I couldn't skip my meeting so I threw on some flats I had in the car and hobbled to my meeting. I had the meeting and at the end I asked everyone what they thought I should do w my foot - it was a meeting of nursing alumni from my U. They sent me straight to the ER, long story...but I tore a tendon on the outside of my foot and had to wear a boot for 6 weeks.

  8. Oh no! You're a walking injury right now :p Your poor toe!

    Hopefully the injection does wonders for you. It may mean a little off time right now, but if it works in the long run, it's worth it!

  9. Oh, no! At least you can heal from both problems at once!