Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day Dreaming vs. Reality

Day Dreaming  

Half Marathon Goals  - Right now I'm really just day-dreaming about being able to attempt a half in 2014. If I actually am able to do it, I think I'd like to see my comeback fall somewhere between my PW and PB. So I dug up my results to see what they were.  I'm by no means a speedy runner, but I'm happy to see that when I actually was focusing on halves, they were showing progressive improvement:

  • 2007 C&S 2:38:08 
  • 2007 Duke 2:36:58 
  • 2008 C&S DNF* 
  • 2008 Duke 2:29:07 
  • 2009 Duke 2:25:14 
  • 2010 AHM 2:21:31 

* walked off the course due to severe knee pain, went to urgent care and eventually saw an orthopedic. Really should have stopped running then, but I was stubborn and ran another HM about 6 weeks later! Also worth noting that in spring 2008, I ran a 20K (12.4miles) in 2:21:35 which roughly translates to a 2:29:45 if I maintained that pace for the full half-marathon distance.


Gone are the days of high numbers
Step Count - After having a fairly good week last week, I'm a bit disappointed to see that my step count for the past few days has been under 6000. I'm trying to stay close to 10,000 steps per day, on average, which is not going to happen if I keep having days so far off my target. These short days really make it difficult. But I must say, I truly enjoy keeping track. At least I know that I need to step it up (pun intended), if I wasn't keeping track I wouldn't know how far off target I was with my activity level.

Maybe NEXT year
How's this for Irony? - I'm going to miss the local Jingle Bell run for arthritis this year which will be held Friday evening because I'm getting my first round of injections Thursday afternoon for knee arthritis! I would walk it, but I'm supposed to take it easy the first 48 hours after each injection and the race will be within 30 hours of the first one.


  1. You've made some great improvement in the half. Too bad about missing the race. Maybe next year!

  2. I hope that Santa's gift to you for this year is being able to run your half marathon. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he's got that in his sack when he comes down your chimney.

  3. I'm glad you are dreaming about that half. May your knee behave so you can do it!

  4. Dreaming about running is bitter sweet, but when you can't run, I guess there is at least some sweetness to take pleasure from. I ran my first half marathons this year and fell in love with the distance - hopefully I can add some more to my count next year. Lots of luck for the first injection!

  5. That is ironic. Boo Hoo! You have my sympathy.

  6. I think your day dreaming is very realistic. I'm sure 2014 will bring a good half your way. Wow, that is ironic! All the best with the injections!

  7. I got you covered, I did our Jingle Bell for Arthritis for the first time last Sunday.

  8. Your times are getting so much better!
    I have not broken my 2:45 barrier...I hope I can do that this coming year.

  9. I hope your knee improves and you are back running those halves!

  10. Those injections sound interesting. I have a bone spur in my knee too. The sports med doctor offered cortisone but not these. I didn't want cortisone because it might make the pain go away to the point where I worsened the injury. Good luck!

    Great times, BTW.

  11. Wow, you basically ran PR each half marathon, that is amazing! I keep my fingers cross that this round of injections works well and you will be running another PR next year!!