Saturday, August 8, 2009

That's more like it!

Met up with the Running Group for my scheduled "long" run. Since my last long run of 7 miles was over two weeks ago and I've had an extended running break while on vacation, coach wanted me to back off to 6 miles today.

Unlike my Splash&Dash debacle a few weeks ago, everything fell into place this morning:

1) I slept well last night
2) The snooze button didn't lure me into it's trap
3) I had my coffee and breakfast
4) The scale had mercy on me and indicated another 0.5 down - that makes 2.0 lbs total since getting serious about watching what I eat.
5) My Garmin was all charged up - sometimes I find that it wasn't correctly nestled in the cradle and isn't charged when I want to take it out
6) My handheld was full of cold water in the fridge - all ready for me to to drop in a nuun tablet
7) My ipod was charged
8) The weather was perfect - 60 deg with a light breeze
9) I made it to the meeting spot on time

I haven't run with music for well over a year and a half, but that changed today. Ever since discovering that my Nike Pacer shorts have a nifty pocket in the back that would be perfect an ipod, I have wanted to test it out.

I don't know if it was the music, the long break during vacation, the morning nutrition, carrying less weight, or a a combination of all of the above but I felt INCREDIBLE. I was even able to keep up with one of the running group members for the three miles up to my turn point.

I'm still no speed demon but my average pace of 11:49 was a minute and a half faster than my last long run.

The best part is that I felt so much stronger and happy throughout. Here's hoping that I can replicate this again next weekend!!


  1. Glad it went so well! You were due a good run.

  2. Oh yes! An incredible, strong, happy run.. and day!!
    Ah the joy... Inspiring.

  3. Woo hoo - you rocked it! Running is grand on days like that. :)

  4. What a great feeling to have a REALLY GOOD RUN. Yay! Make sure you replicate the routine (as much as possible) next week!

  5. Glad you had a great run...maybe it was all that chlorinated water you drank in T.O.

    Hope you are doing well, I'm just catching up from my vacay....sounds like you've got a great plan....have fun.

  6. I love a good run! I can totally appreciate it when others have one. So happy for you! Well done sister.

  7. I love when it all goes just like that!

  8. Huge thumbs up to a great run! Love those!

  9. Proud of you! Now how did you manage having every thing ready, charged etc and getting a breakfast in ... I'm struggling to be this organised. :-) Well done!

  10. YAY for a good run! WTG! (And congrats on the weight loss).

    MCM Mama

  11. Now when you have a bad day, you need to draw on all of those positive thoughts and know that you can conquer the world......just not every day.......sounds like you had a world conquering day - well done it feels fantastic doesnt it...woo hoo

  12. It's awesome when everything falls into place! Now if we can just replicate it everytime/

  13. Nice job on the run! I am glad the stars aligned and it was a great one.

  14. Great job! I think that's an awesome pace!

  15. I love that I Found your blog...I run at about the same pace as you do!!