Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mood: Accomplished

Nine miles in the half marathon bank! Woot!

I am extremely grateful for CJ from my running group who stuck with me for 7.5 miles this morning. He definately pulled me along at a faster pace than I would have done on my own.

With it graphed it by half mile increments you can see how much I slowed down for the final 1.5 miles that I ran solo. Yes, I'm blaming part of this on gravity, but without a doubt having someone to run with is a big help.

Despite my very slow finish, I'm pleased as punch for pushing through to the end.

Some Numbers:
- Overall average pace for the entire 9 miles was 11:13.
- Average pace for the 7.5 miles that I ran with a partner was 10:55. Woot!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yay nine miles, and fast ones too!

  2. way to go!!! and it is very very nice to have a good running partner

  3. Good going! I always do better with someone else to push/pull me along too.

    thanks again for the heads up on my blog comments. fingers crossed.

  4. That's fantastic! Got in the miles! Woohoo!!!!!

    Too bad we don't live closer. We run about the same pace!

    It is nice to have a good running partner. :)

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

  5. That is a great accomplishment! You are almost there.

  6. Lisa, very impressive running!! Your so there!!

  7. Woot indeed lady! Way to go. I am very happy for you. Keep on truckin.

  8. You are getting so fast! Good job!

  9. Great job with the run! You rocked it!

  10. Yahoo! 9 miles! Good job, Lisa!