Saturday, November 3, 2007

Just stuff

I've made it through Daughter's B'day without her just fine so far. I think it was worse thinking about it than living it.

My alarm is set at the crazy early time of 1:40am so that I can pick up son who is due back from a Marching Band competition at 2am. Ugggh. It's worth it though. He called a few hours ago very excited that they made finals for the first time. This is their last competition of the year, so it's a nice ending after all the hard work they've put in.

Speaking of son, he's taking driving lessons. I took him out for 20mins of driving practice on Friday before dinner and about had a nervous breakdown.

I've quickly gone from zero to one to two to three running skirts. Love them all. Now I have the dilema of figuring out which one to wear tomorrow.

Doggie Dash packet included a bandana for Bandit and some lamb&rice jerky. He likes the jerky. The bandana...not so much.

Two days at the gym so far this month. And one day shoveling rock for some friends. Not bad, eh?

Well, I need to call it an early night so that I'm coherent when it's time to pick up son. Gulp. A 1:40am wake up. I've tried, but it seems there is just no way to make that seem reasonable.


  1. I think that Doggie Dash sounds like great fun! I wish that had something like that here.

    I'm looking for a running skirt. Did you write about these? I really want to know which ones you have and how you like them.

  2. Hi Lisa! I'm back!.... Got lots to catch up on on your blog.....First huge congrats on your half Mary, what's withe there running skirts and as for the doggy dash - you're a braver woman then I ;o) My Dad'd dog would just bowl me over, dash for 3 mins then give up as she'd be too puffed out! Better get back to your blog and find out about these skirt things!

  3. Yeah, most dogs do NOT like getting dressed up. But he'll get used to it,just like a collar. First its trying to figure out what to wear to work, and now what to wear to run! You're getting to be the fashion diva here!

  4. Now does the dog have a running skirt as well?

    Have fun out there at the doggy dash, bring lots of baggies..

  5. Driving?!?! Ohhhh good Lord I don't even want to think of when the kids will be driving. I'll have to be committed LOL

  6. I was up at 1:40am with my son, too, but I didn't have to leave my house. Glad he had fun at the competition.

    Enjoy the doggie dash.

    I think we need a pic with the running skirt.

    I'm sorry your daughter was gone on her birthday, I hope she's got some make-up quality scheduled for you soon.

  7. I hope you remembered to turn your clock back an hour :0

    YAY for son's band making the finals!!

    Oh boy, driving in the car with a beginning teenage driver...feels like no control at all. Did you do the "push your right foot down to break but, oh yeah, there's no break on the passenger side." I remember doing that a lot.

    Can't wait to hear about the Doggie Dash!