Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So Ends Another Month

The Stats:
- Ran 61.8 miles
- Biked 44 miles
- didn't Swim at all
- Completed 2 upper body strength workouts at the Gym
- Completed 1 half marathon

- This was my highest running volume month EVER, despite a few weeks of total slackage and borderline burn-out. Makes me wonder what I could do in November if I really put my mind to it...
- All my bike mileage was from a single adventure with Husband, and I loved every minute of it.
- I'm happy. And that is most important of all. :)

November Outlook:
- Running with Bandit on Sunday.
- Planning to get back into the gym habit.
- Might do a Turkey trot of some sort.
- Fitness for fitness sake and pure enjoyment, not because of training for an event.


  1. Looks likea great month to me!!!

    I say do a Turkey Trot! Those are alwsy so much fun. :) Gobble gobble!

  2. great month. November is looking good also.

  3. Hey, you did alot then more people do all summer long..

    Remember winter training, time to get stronger, mentally and physically..

  4. Looking great! I like your upcoming goals!

  5. Looks good Lisa!!! Are those your pumpkins? They're cute!

  6. "Fitness for fitness sake" sounds like an excellent idea!! Exactly why I love the off-season..

  7. Wow, kudos on a great month!!

  8. I'm happy. And that is most important of all. :)

    Spot on!

    Dee Dee and I have picked out a Turkey Trot. I've never set a personal worst before. I need to go practice :-)

  9. Great month! Turkey Trots of one sort or another are always a blast!

  10. I like your last point for Novemeber. Sometimes we all need that as part of our schedule.

  11. "I'm happy. And that is most important of all. :)"


  12. Good month, Lisa :)

    You've inspired me...not just in training, but I can't believe I got a running skirt today! We gotta try and feel cute, right?

    Hope you have a blast at the Doggie Dash this weekend!

  13. Good looking October. I like that "back to the gym" for November: us too.

  14. here's to a great month of November! Something to be thankful for!

  15. Nice job on the running. I did a turkey trot 2 years ago and it was a lot of fun!

  16. You've done great! And its nice to have some down time to figure out what you want to do next.

  17. great stuff...I like the part about fitness for fitness sake.