Monday, October 29, 2007


1) How much slack do you have on the leash?

Well, when I run with el Bandito (Spanish for Bandit) I use a hands-free leash system that connects to my waist with a lunge buster that helps tremendously if he decides he wants dash off suddenly after a bunny or whatnot.

2) Have you thought about bringing water for him?

Yes. I will bring a bowl and fill it with water from bottles after the race so Bandit can re-hydrate.

3) What's the sudden obsession with running skirts?

Dunno. I didn't have said obsession when I started and then suddenly I did a few weeks ago. But now that I do, surely you can't blame me for wanting to look cute?!?!

4) Have you lost interest in triathlon? All you talk about now is running, and you haven't mentioned any triathlon goals for 2008.

No, I haven't lost interest in triathlon. I'm not a hardcore athlete that trains/races through the whole year. I'm in it for fun and nothing more. My triathlon season probably starts back up in May. In the mean time, I don't want to sit on my rear eating ice cream everyday, so please indulge me as I focus a bit more on running for now. Life is short. I want to live it to the fullest and am still exploring different ways to do that. :)

5) How do you feel about your baby turning 14 and being out of state on her birthday this weekend?

Okay, nobody actually asked me this question, but I wanted to work this in somehow because it is on my mind. It bothers me more than it does her. It's weird, and I'm not happy about it. :(


  1. That's rough about your girly being away for her birthday :(

    OF COURSE you want to look cute!

    Given you were feeling so flat/burned out a few weeks ago, why would you have long-term tri-goals at this stage? Plenty of time when winter's over :)

  2. I think there's something called the "off season" in triathlon. I am guessing most triathletes have at least a couple of months of down time, whether forced by weather or just needing a break.
    I think its great you are keeping motivated with running, which never has an off season.

  3. Oh, I forgot about the birthday. I know it is harder on you than her. She is probably just thrilled to be turning 14! You on the other hand want to share every moment you can with her while she's still an everyday part of your life. Life is short, but time with your kids is shorter. Things will be okay as long as she knows you love her and you can celebrate when she is home, giving her an extended birthday.

  4. OMG I don't blame you AT ALL for not being happy with the last one. I'd probably have a nervous breakdown. Seriously, I'm mental like that LOL

  5. The little buggers just keep growing up :-) Treat her nice before she leaves. She'll be OK with that!! She is getting all grown up now!

  6. I know what you mean with the "non-triathlon" focus in the off season. Suddenly, I'm interested in trail running and possibly pilates! What the heck?

    Oh, hang in there with the daughter being gone this weekend. I can understand how that will feel weird. Our youngest babies are the same age now :)

  7. You should definitely look cute.

    14?? Yikes, yeah, I might be a little sad too. Hang in there.

  8. 14? Oh no. I thought 10 was tough! Sniff!

  9. I hate it when my adult children are not around on their birthdays... I understand. You should have heard me beg my daughter to bring the kids over here for Halloween tomorrow... it was pitiful, but it worked!

  10. I also have a hands free leash for my golden. I keep it very short.

    To me- it is the off season for getting back the enjoyment that you sometimes lose through training.

    My daughter was away at camp on her 13th. It bothered me alot (not her she was having too much fun)

  11. I'm sure it's hard to have your child away on her b-day, but is she away doing something fun?

  12. It's the off-season, do what you want I say, run, walk, or just relax.. Trail running is pretty cool as well..

    I do think the running skirts are pretty cool looking, from a guys perspective that is.

    On #5, I plan to lock my daughter in her room until she is 21, so she can spend all her b-days with the family :), you think that will work?