Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

My job has stress that comes in waves. Lately the waves have been of the tidal variety and I feel like I'm being swept around beyond my control. Today was a particulary cruddy day.

Wouldn't be so bad if I could just run it off. But with the time change, I'm encountering darkness right when I'm home and able to run. And I just don't like running in the evening dark. Morning dark doesn't bother me so much, but evening dark does. Not sure why, but it does. And when I'm under stress, I don't sleep well. So it's hard to get up early to run because I'm really tired. Bummer.

Wouldn't be so bad if the dishwasher hadn't recently decided to stop functioning. But it did. I'll make a call tomorrow for an appt to have it serviced, but for now we're washing dishes by hand.

Wouldn't be so bad if the dryer was working properly. But it isn't. So it's taking longer to get clothes dried and I'm behind on laundy too.

Wouldn't be so bad if Husband wasn't going to be out of town next week, leaving me to manage all the driving in circles to get kids to and from whereever they need to be on time (rather than our usual divide and conquer approach). Especially since this usually means I need to come in a little late or leave a little early from work which causes me to get further behind at work.

Wouldn't be so bad if my work laptop hard drive hadn't crashed causing me to have to spend a day waiting on a new build only to find that practically every application I need wasn't included in the standard build, requiring a new download/install.

Wouldn't be so bad if the bathroom scale would cut me some slack...just for a few that I didn't start off my challenge to self with my weight going in the wrong direction.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for in my life. A.lot. But right now, my job doesn't seem like it's one of them. And none of those other things on their own would be such a big deal, it's just everything at once that is hard to deal with. But I really seriously need to have the discussion with Husband to reconsider whether I need to be working right now. Life is just too short to be miserable over something as meaningless as a job, don't you think?


  1. The shorter days do make running a bit more challenging.

    As far as your previous post, I believe you can lose those pounds. Losing weight isn't about not eating things that you like. That kind of denial is why most people fail. It's about portion control. People don't get fat because the eat a cupcake. They get fat because they eat too much of everything over the course of years. If you can cut all of the portions you get at restaurants in half and take the rest home and make another complete meal out of it, you will see the weight come off a little at a time. As for the ice cream, I love the stuff, too. Just only take a scoop at a time and weight at least 20 minutes before you go and get another scoop. You'll do it!!

  2. Yes many life's challenges, but you are correct running is great for sorting things out! Most people can't understand why I love to "run". Running has always been a passion of mine!!

  3. "Wouldn't be so bad if..."
    Oh dear, what a list.
    I haven't read your blog before, but woven in this post is a strong woman. It is good to meet you.
    Isn't it great that it is OK to say "Wouldn't be so bad if .." when there is a lot of crap lying around!
    Good luck!

  4. Before you all think I've totally gone off the deep end...

    Daughter and I discovered we make a great team washing dishes by hand.

    I showed restraint on my ice cream habit tonight, no PB topping and only a small portion (scooped into a small cup).

  5. Hang in there, Lisa. I'm sure you do have a lot of things to be grateful for. When things are going all wrong, sometimes I make the effort to list all the good things I have to be thankful for. Helps lift the mood. Sounds like you are doing better already. Hang in there. I hope works lets up soon.

  6. I'm defiently with ya on the work thing, work does suck when it is no fun. But does make the weekend runs more enjoyable..

    Just try to get out for a little while, It will do you some good..

    Hang in there,, time to go "green" with appliances this week anyway..Just see how much energy you are saving right now..

  7. At least you have the weekend coming up and no work for a few days at least! I don't like leaving work in the dark when winter's just depressing regardless of whether you're trying to fit in a workout or not!

  8. You already know how I feel about the time change! But it seems like things have piled up on you recently, making it harder yet to deal with. If you don't have to work, it would be wonderful to stay home and be a person again, wouldn't it? I think about that often myself. Don't you think though that all the training you've done and races you've entered have given you a little edge on how to cope?

  9. No Question about it -- life is way too short. Now I work for myself, but when I was in the work force -- if it wasn't working for me -- time to move on.

    Best of luck...

  10. No doubt, the stress comes in waves. I hope all those things get worked out and you have a stress free weekend.

  11. ((((HUGS)))) Hang in there chica!! Hang in there!

  12. I completely agree about work, the thought of going back to my job makes me cry. Hormones or not that just seems wrong.

    Sorry things are rough right now, yes, there are things to be thankful for but that doesn't take away the legitimate complaints.

  13. Poor thing. Perhaps you should take the kids out to eat (in order to not have to wash dishes); get a laundry service (in order to avoid the icky dryer); and you can always pitch the scale (that's what I threaten mine with when it doesn't behave)!

  14. It's just too much stuff at once. Inch by Inch, its a cinch. Yard by hard, it's very hard.

  15. Wow, you have lots of great advice!! Hang in there! I love Mary's comment.

  16. Oh, Lisa...sorry things are rough right now. I hope it gets better soon. You're one tough cookie :)