Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vacation Day...

Second day off work this week...and what do I have to show for it?

For one thing, I think I'm now a Guitar Hero groupie. Does this count for something?!?!

My son totally rocks this game, and has already completed intermediate mode. Me, not so much. I'm in awe. But I've found "my song." I'm practicing "Stricken" and my high score in beginner mode on this particular song is 98,000-something at the moment. If you play this game, leave a comment re:your fav song, where you're at, etc.

Oh yeah, I bet you now think that I've wasted the entire day rockin' in my PJs. You are So.Wrong.

Husband & I actually went on a nice 40mile bike ride with lunch break today. He asked me what pace we were going at one point, and I informed him that we were going at precisely "a leisurely pace." What did he expect? It's the off season, and I'm on vacation.

Actually, I must say that today was an insanely nice day, 67deg or something. We're expecting snow on Thanksgiving, so I think that may well have been our last nice day until spring.

Topped it off by going out for Chinese food for dinner.

Danger Will Robinson! Diet gone awry!!


  1. 40 miles..... a nice little ride....?!?
    One day I too will get there, one day...
    How are the hip and knee etc? Mine must have gone out in sympathy (off to the physio stat!)

  2. 40 miles? Sheesh.
    And what is this guitar hero you speak of? I am soooo out of the loop.

  3. I so heart guitar hero. I actually took it on a business trip once and a bunch of us stayed up until all hours in the commons playing it. What fun. I haven't played it in ages so I can't remember my favs. I have to practice if I'm going to attempt anything with orange in it!!

  4. I can't talk about the GH word...I need to go workout and if I say the GH word, I'll go play.

    I actually love GH II...my song...Strutter by KISS.

  5. Great job on the ride.. 40 miles, that's more than me combined since september.

  6. Excellent use of vacation time!

    We haven't reached the Guitar Hero stage in life yet, I'm sure the kids will love it in a few years though.

  7. 40 miles?!??!? Wow chica!! You rock!!!

    Hope you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  8. Ahhhh maaaannnnn... wish I could go for a forty mile bike ride :-( Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone, but I started eating too much and drinking beer in anticipation of my half mary turkey trot too :-)

  9. I would've been in the pj's all day...great job on the bike ride!

    I'm at beginner level with guitar hero, too. My favorite song to play is "crazy on you" by Heart... but that one may be on the Guitar Hero 2. I've just been a groupie watching my sons play GH3.

    My diet is not going well this week. I made an apple and pumpkin pie last night and had a piece of each :o

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday...you deserve it!

  10. I suck at Guitar Hero too (my husband is a master of it), but a friend of ours just bought Rock Band, so tomorrow at Thanksgiving, I'm gonna have to give the drums a go.

  11. Lisa...I thought you might get a kick out of this youtube video my son showed me. If it doesn't come up, search for "Guitar Hero 3 Through the Fire and Flames XPERT!"


    I expect you to be at this level by Monday ;)

  12. The perfect day.
    You've got it dialed in.

  13. Guitar Hero.. Rock band... I'm missing out on something by the sounds of it!!!

    A leisurely 40miler with a temp of 67... sounds like something from the summer... Good for you grrl. I am jealous already :o)

  14. Loved how you squeezed the last good drop of summer for a bike ride before the Thanksgiving snow.
    How special to do it together.. leisurely!

  15. 40 miles!! Sweet!! I can't wait to up my bike endurance. Oh man guitar hero sounds fun.

  16. Enjoy it while you can! Nice being able to ride! I think my bike has cobwebs.

  17. hmmmm. chinese. yummmmm.

    Guitar Hero is so much fun.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving!! Keep up the awesome work!!