Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov Tally

The Numbers:
- Running: 24.5 miles
- Biking: 59.5 miles
- Swimming: nada
- Gym: Completed 7 upper body strength workouts
- Races: 1 5K Finished (Hobbler Gobbler), 1 5K DNS (Doggie Dash)
- Weight: lost total of 2.5 pounds against goal of 8 by Feb

- Running mileage way down, but my knees and hip are thanking me for it.
- Increased gym workouts as planned.
- It's neat how things turn out. What I thought would be a fun 5K with Bandit didn't work out at all, but a spontaneous one in cold windy weather that should have been miserable turned out to be a lot of fun. :)
- Good progress to weight goal. Yay!

December Outlook:
- Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis (10K) as part of 8 on the 8th.
- Maintain gym workouts; add legs.
- Ramp up running volume again. :)
- Begin plan for 2008


  1. Looks like a great month to me! Excellent goals for December too :-)

  2. Looking good!!!!!

  3. YAHOO, those are some nice numbers. Your body and heart are thanking you!

  4. Gosh this month went by so quick!

    Looking awesome to me ;D ;D

  5. It was a very productive month for you!

  6. Looked like a great month.

    The fun part also will be planning 2008.

  7. Looks like a successful November. Here's to an equally successful December.

  8. Sounds like you had a fun month - and some more fun planned for December! Great stuff! :o)

  9. Your doing great and being very consistent! Way to go on the weight loss too!

  10. Great numbers sista!

  11. Glad your knees and hips are feeling better!

  12. November looks great and I am sure December will be awesome, right?! I look forward to reading your 2008 schedule. I know mine is still in the works with some necessary tweaks.

  13. Great job!

    I had not even thought of a 2008 schedule...things that make you go hmmmmmm

    Take Care

  14. now I am definitely too ashamed to post my November report!
    Consistency and fun - they're what it's all about aren't they?

  15. Nice planning for Dec when most people are probably just slacking off. Can't wait to hear the Roomba update. We still like ours! Although I gotta get a video of it with the makes him slightly nervous still.