Monday, June 18, 2007

Let's pretend...

Let's pretend that after a race, you decide to take the little pump off your bike and put it into the race bag for safe keeping.

And this is also where your bigger frame pump was during the trip to the race (the one you normally carry in your backpack when commuting.

And just for fun, pretend that you decide to commute by bike to work on Monday, without remembering to put either pump back to its rightful location.

In your pretend world, let this be the first day commuting that a flat is encountered.

And by the kindness of a colleague you are able to get a ride home. Only to try to fix the flat while wearing white pants for some reason.

Let's pretend this happens on the same day you get a call from the Doctor telling you that your bloodwork is great and nothing obvious is wrong.

And the doctor suggests that maybe you aren't sleeping as well as you think you are, or maybe you are depressed.

And suggests that you start keeping a journal for the next week, keeping track at various points of the day how you are feeling. What is your mood, energy level, etc.

What might your first entry be? Just pretending of course...


  1. Sounds like it might be more fun to pretend that everything went well!

  2. Hmm. I'd probably pretend first that I was glad nothing showed up seriously wrong on the blood work and next that I knew how to fix a flat tire. I would really have to pretend on that one! Glad to hear you are okay. Maybe just stressed about all the normal things going on in life? As for the flat, you're way ahead of me there! But wouldn't you know it would be in white pants?? The only thing worse would be if it were a back tire.

  3. First, I'm glad to hear your blood work is okay. Second, you need to work on your pretend worlds. They are not so much fun :)

  4. I agree with Vickie, pretend first that you are glad nothing serious showed up in the blood work. I'm glad that you're OK on that front :-) Relax. Take care, and do something nice for yourself! (easier said then done, I know)

  5. Glad the doc says everything is okay with ya.

    Depressed, hmm, I always think racing is like a drug sometimes. Your are up before the race, then feel out of place afterwards...

    Or it could be just the kiddes driving you insane again.. Either way keep the groove going..

    Glad you made it home.

  6. In that pretend world, you turn to a bunch of people, some of whom you barely know, and somehow they're able to make it better. Too bad that's just pretend. I'm glad and sorry the bloodwork is fine. It would be good to have answers, I'm sure. I've dealt with depression and it can be a tough one, probably sounds stupid, but a good multi-vitamin can't hurt as well.

    Good for you for fixing your own flat, though, I'd just ask my husband- I'm not a true triathlete, yet.

  7. Lisa-Glad your bloodwork is OK but can be frustrating not knowing what is wrong. We should talk sometime..I have been going through something similar (sounds like) for the last 2 years and am getting some answers finally..
    Changing tires suck!!

  8. You've been super duper busy :-) Let's pretend that nothing goes as planned. That way the day is full of exciting surprises ;-)

  9. Prentend you are on a remote beach being served fruity drinks with umbrellas in them and there is a nice slight breeze coming in off the ocean!:)

    Glad your bloodwork is good. Glad you got a ride home!

  10. Dear Journal,

    Uneventful day, did not win lotto and no broken bones. Tomorrow promises to be better, but then tomorrow always promises more than it can deliver. Got to go, I've got prepare in case the President to ask for my opinions on policy - looks like he is in a jam.

    Signed me

  11. It would be about now I would pretend to head to the mall and find some knock out purse or shoes. Then when DH asks about the bill just pretend to not know what he is talking about. It was just a pretend purchase after all. ;>)

  12. This morning, I am more fatigued than ever. I got up at 5:20 am...snooze for 20 min. Then decided to get up and go for a an hour and 30 min run. The run surprising was not as hard as i thought.

    Half way i stopped to exchange my bottles. My body was tired. But my HR was super low and I am still moving.

    Life is good :)

  13. Let's pretend you didn't say #$%#, @#$& and #$%#@@ when that tire flatted. ;-)

    Good job with the race this weekend. Sometimes its nice to do a race with no expectations other than finishing.

  14. I'm thinking:

    "No wonder I am not sleeping well, stressed, or depressed or whatever it is. I had a flat that I could have easily fixed if only I had put the pump back on my bike after the race (d'on!). To top it off, Husband is in China of all places so he can't just drop everything and come pick me up. I'm glad I found someone trustworthy to give me a ride. Also - I hate white pants. Never wearing them again."

  15. My hubby is traveling in Asia I know sometimes it's just hard to hold down the home front by yourself!

  16. Blegh.

    At least you were properly in the summer window to be sporting white pants. Now, if it was after labor day, then we'd have a REAL CRISIS. :)

    All kidding aside, I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble sleeping etc. Good luck with the journal, I bet it will help pinpoint the issues. ***vibes***

  17. Poor Lisa! Are the pants beyond redemption? You don't seem the depressed sort to me. Does it come and go? Does talking to us help? :)