Friday, June 15, 2007

A collection of un-related thoughts

My daughter and I decided to clean up our fish tank and get some new inhabitants for it. I had been thinking of tearing it down and was waiting for the last few fish to die. We ended up going with serpae tetras and put 5 in. If they do well, we'll ad 3 or 4 more so they have a nice schoal to be comfortable in. Now we're researching suitable tank mates for the future. The hidden gem in this story is that we have been getting along GREAT while having the aquarium project to work on together. It's 180deg from last week.

Had my Dr appt yesterday. She listened to my symptons, ordered some blood work, and now I'm waiting for results. I'm not waiting very patiently. I keep hoping the phone will ring, but realistically, it probably won't be until Monday.

I should have added a third goal for my race tomorrow - Don't get hurt. For that matter, I should have made that a goal for today at home. I managed to do a number on my toe trying to move a chair while barefoot and proceeding to drop it on my unprotected foot.

Timed a moderate 400 in the pool this morning, or as it turns out a 450. Looking at my splits, it is apparent that I hit the lap button at 100, 100, 150, & 100. Was happy with my time when I figured out what I had done. I hope to be able to pull off a similar performance tomorrow.

Leaving in about two hours, so I guess I better pack so I'm ready to go when my friend stops by to pick me up.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


  1. Hey Lisa... have F-U-N this weekend and try not to think of Monday and the results of the bloods - fretting just seems to make things take longer doesn't it, hard not to though.

    Glad you and your daughter have got the joint project - sounds like some fun :o)

    Happy damn Friday is what I say :o)

  2. GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to hear about your race--and your test results. As for the mother/dauther thing. I don't remember her age, but about the time they turn 17, things calm down again. Good luck on that too.

  3. Have a great race, Lisa! I want to hear all about your wonderful swim!!!

  4. Have fun is right - you'll do great!

    The fish thing is good, I did that with my daughter last week although she is still younger!

  5. Have Fun! Can't wait to hear about it!