Sunday, December 2, 2012

November by the numbers

Numbers for November
  • Knee injections: 3
  • Young adult children home for Thanksgiving: 2
  • Miles walked: 18.7
  • Miles run: 7.6
  • Pounds gained:  nada
  • Very low activity this month due to forced rest while getting the series of injections. That's all part of the healing process though.  I'm now past the worst of it and should be able to try easy running in about two weeks.
  • It was nice having both kids home for Thanksgiving.  They'll both be home for winter break as well.
Plans for December
  • Ease back into running in mid-December.  If I could get even something as small as 10 miles of running total this month, it would rock.  
  • Keep eating at bay.  Remember that maintaining weight is about calories in vs calories out and right now my calories out isn't as high as usual.
  • Start walking more now the the knee isn't a limiting factor.  I'd like to average at least 10 miles per week fitness walking (purposeful brisk walking, not casual walking).
  • Unfortunately, started the month off with back spasms.  If it isn't one thing it's another, geez!  Hopefully in another week or so all of this nonsense will be behind me and I'll be back to a normal routine.  
  • Try adding in yoga.  Long sessions have never worked well for me, but maybe 2-3 days per week for 20mins at a time would be a good goal.


  1. that's no good about the back spasms *frowns* That idea of short yoga sessions sounds great - just a little isn't so daunting.
    PS Thanks for your supportive comment darl, I really appreciated it :)

  2. Now is a good time to take a little running break. Enjoy the holidays with your family!

  3. Yay for no pounds gained! That's a heck of an accomplishment!

  4. Good luck on hitting your Dec goals.
    And enjoy your children.