Friday, November 23, 2012

Injections and insights

Well, it's the day after Thanksgiving.  While some of you were out for black Friday shopping, I was at the orthopedic office receiving my third and final injection. Admit it, you're jealous, aren't you?  ;-)

Now I wait.  I can try running again in three weeks.  From past experience, it takes 5-6 weeks before running is okay though.  Also, in 6 weeks, if my knee is pain-free, this will have been considered a success and I'll have another 6-9 months before needing to head back for another round.  If, however, I'm still having knee pain, I need to go back and try something else.  It's worked well for me in the past, and the condition with my knee is progressing very slowly. I have confidence that it will be successful again.

My husband went for a run this afternoon and my son (home for the holiday weekend) went yesterday.  I suggested to my husband that he ask our son if he wanted to join him when he went out.  "I'm not a social runner" was his reply.  I realized that we are really different in that regard. In contrast to him, I am *totally* a social runner.  I would never pass up an opportunity to run with someone vs. running alone.  In fact, these days I actually find that I have a hard time getting motivated for a run when I don't have someone to run with.

How about you?  Are you a social runner or not?

I found it interesting that my son mentioned something about how running releases "happy chemicals" in your brain (he was relaying conversations he's had some somebody studying cognitive-neuroscience or something like that).  That's something I know all too well, and I've been missing those "happy chemicals" for a few weeks already.  *sigh*


  1. sigh... but you'll get out there again soon!

  2. My fingers are crossed that the injections work and you are back to running and getting happy chemicals in just a few weeks. I enjoy running with others, but I haven't had a social run in a few months. Since moving I haven't really hooked up with a group or made any running buddies.

  3. I hope it works for you and you can get back out there. Good luck!

  4. SO sorry that you have to play the wiaitn game right now. Nothing makes you want to run more than when you can't do it!

  5. I guess the good thing is that, from past experience, you know the injections will work and it will be worth the effort. :)

    I started out as a solo runner and it bugged me to have someone run with me, but if I have a lot of miles to run then I really look forward to having someone to run with.