Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chiropractic Therapy

One the positive side, this latest back spasm issue is distracting me from the boredom of letting the injections heal my knee.  I can think of several alternatives that I would have preferred as distractions, but in life you get what you get.

In my adult life, I've been to three different chiropractors.  I really didn't like the first one very much, more of a traditional high impact chiropractic practice that was a little bit scary.  Really like the second one though, he did something more akin to ART and everything was low impact. I always felt better after seeing him and nothing he did was scary. Unfortunately, he has retired and is no longer in practice.  I then switched to someone who is somewhat in between in methods.  She is mostly low impact, not the same as my favorite chiropractor, but much better than the first one.

I had been going monthly for maintenance, but had to cancel my last appointment and simply forgot to follow up later.  With my favorite chiropractor, I never would forget to go.  Since I'm sort of ambivalent toward this one's particular methods, it had't been a priority for me to go.  As it turns out, I hadn't been to the chiropractor for several months when my back spasms hit.  Perhaps not getting regular adjustments may have been a contributing factor.

So I'm back again.  I've had appoints for Tuesday, Wednesday, and then again later today.  On Tuesday, she sent me to a physical therapist for electro-stimulation and heat for my back as well as percussive therapy after the adjustment.  I really didn't like how that stuff felt, but I do think it helped.  Yesterday, I just got an adjustment.  This morning my husband commented that I was standing up and walking with 'almost normal' posture.  That's quite an improvement from where I've been all week, so I think the chiropractic adjustments have helped.  

This afternoon I believe she wants to talk to me about setting up an appointment for getting therapeutic massage sometime next week as well.  I think that's a good idea as well.

I think I want to continue seeing a chiropractor on an ongoing basis, but she may not be the right one for me. I hate the thought of starting over with someone new though.  And with so many different chiropractors out there, it's not that easy to find the 'right' one.

How many of you have seen chiropractors?  Have you had good experiences, bad, or a mixed bag?

Oh, and to get closer to topic.  Husband is running a 5K on Saturday.  I'm thinking of either signing up to walk the 5K or signing up for the 2.5K walk that is happening at the same venue. Alternatively, I may just go and be a cheerleader for him.  It all depends on how I feel Saturday morning.  Whatever I do will likely involve race day registration.


  1. I have never gone to a Chiro in my life and I'm sure that I've had need in the past. I've heard good experiences and bad, so I guess it's like going to a dentist! Good luck to the hubby on Saturday.

  2. I've never been to a chiropractor. But I would love to have everything cracked REAL good by a pro!

  3. Interesting to read your experiences with chiropractic treatment, as I am kind of "celebrating." This month is the 10th anniversary of going to the same chiropractor, and I guess you could say he is my "favorite," despite never having seen anyone before. But I haven't gotten ALL my adjustments from him, as he is in business with his older brother, and I've received an occasional adjustment from him. Despite being brothers, their "style," I guess you could say, is slightly different, but I was never unhappy with the older brother's adjustment, nor with one adjustment I got from a "visiting" chiropractor who was helping out while one of the brothers was sick or on vacation (or something). So I feel extremely lucky to find this chiropractor office (actually they were recommended by a massage therapist to me). I don't have to worry about my chiropractor retiring really soon, as he is only one year older than me. I'm more worried about my desire to move to a new town after my husband retires, and possibly having to start over with a new one...but that won't be for nearly 10 years, hopefully. Wish you the best in your continued treatment!

  4. Hope things feel good on Saturday and you can participate in some fashion.

  5. I hope the chiro does the trick and you're feeling better and better! I've been going to one on and off for a few years and he is pure gold! He does the elec. stim etc as well so no need for PT, which I have had a bad experience with.

  6. I went to 2 chiropractor so far, the first one is a genius with ART but not good at providing maintaining service to avoid issues. It feels he is always short on time. The 2nd one was good, but those appointments took a long time. But I felt they really took the time. Overall I can not complain though. Is it possible ti get in touch with your old chiro and he can recommend somebody? Hope you feel better very soon!