Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jingle Bell Run Spectator Summary

I ended up as a spectator while Husband ran the 5K.  He had a good race with a strong finish and I suspect an age group placing (I don't think there was anyone over 50 ahead of him, but I could be wrong).  He didn't want to stick around for awards though.  For the record, if it ever looks like *I* am going to place in my age group, I *will* stick around, but to each his own.

It was a beautiful day!  I took some photos with my phone.

The race was at a local park

There was a category to walk with a dog, but these folks actually brought a piglet!

This was at mile 1.  See the guy running in a Christmas Tree costume?!  Hahaha

Husband (in black & grey)  finishing strong and with good running form.

Our local chapter raised about $26.5K for the Arthritis Foundation.through this event this year.  I really wish I would have been able to run, but spectating was still fun.  I'm hoping for next year.


  1. If I placed I'd stick around also. I don't think my husband would want to stick around though.

    Wow, 26k! That's awesome.

  2. Great pictures, looks like perfect running weather!

  3. Great fundraising.

    I'm with you. I'd stick around.

  4. OMG I love the running Christmas tree. That's awesome. I will also stick around for an age group award. lol! Congrats to hubs and great job spectating.

  5. We take our pig to every race we attend......... HA

  6. Me too. I only stick around if I think I placed. You'll be running it next year I bet.