Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Tally


  • 64 miles by feet (40.0 running, 24.0 walking)
  • 144.9 miles by seat
  • 1800 yds in the pool
  • 5 hill workout
  • 5 yoga workouts
  • 3 planned rest days
  • 3 unplanned rest days
  • 1 race (sprint tri)


  • It doesn't make sense to pay for the gym just for pool access in October - I need to either save my $$ or spend more time at the gym, probably the former rather than the latter.  
  • I'm glad to see my cycling mileage go up.
  • Tried yoga a few times at the end of the month.  Not excited about it.  
  • I hope my tolerance for the bike increases so that the end of the 54 mile charity ride isn't miserable.


  • Spend some time on single track
  • Keep running hills at least once a week
  • 44-50-54 <-- planned long bike rides
  • Day of the Tread half century (54 miles)
  • Bosque Boogie 10K (all terrain run)

[edited to add:  so far in October I have had one run with a few miles on single track and completed the 44 mile bike ride.  I'm off to a good start!]


  1. Is anybody ever excited about yoga? I think it's good to keep at it, but I'm never excited for it.

  2. Nice job!
    I am excited about yoga... maybe because I haven't been going to one and there isn't a 'real' yoga place to go to around my neck of the woods.

    Gym membership... costly. I am going to cancel mine soon....

  3. You had a great September! Your bike mileage is definitely impressive.